Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV: Amazon Winning It Hands Down

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The availability of plug-in and watch TV devices have made it easier for the people to watch their favorite Television channels.

These devices are as compact as USB pen drives. These are very small in size, but serve bigger purposes. They allow you to enjoy your favorite channels as well as YouTube videos. The world is stuck with the question, which is better. Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV.

We present to you a detailed description of both these devices. We will examine every feature with great intricacy and make it easier for you to decide.

The Most Important Difference

Amazon Fire TV is a set-top box that comes with the hybrid slots for gaming consoles and for LAN wires. These hybrid set-top boxes are in huge demand, because of the multitude of options, they serve you with. People are dumping the use of set-top boxes and gaming consoles separately; instead, they are buying the Amazon Fire TV or the Apple TV which is very similar to Roku and Google’s Chromecast.

The Apple TV is a discrete set-top box and does not come with interfaces for gaming consoles. The Apple TV boxes are enabled with LAN wires and can be controlled from specified distances.

The Amazon Fire TV comes with various voice search options; you can give voice commands to the remote and control your set-top box.

The Noted Differences

  • Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV both of them are enabled with HDMI cable.
  • Amazon Fire TV has a physical memory of 2 GB while the Apple TV runs on a physical memory of 512 MB.
  • Amazon Fire TV has a win-win situation over the Apple TV, when it comes to processors. Amazon Fire TV has a Quad Processor while the Apple TV still runs on the Single-Core processor.
  • The video apps used by the Amazon Fire TV are easily available on various online platforms, while the video apps of the Apple TV are only available on the AppStore.
  • Amazon Fire TV has a voice search remote option while the Apple TV only has a physical remote.
  • Amazon Fire TV has a gaming console interface while the Apple TV has no such slot or interface.
  • The only similarity between these leading set-top boxes is the size of the boxes.

Amazon Fire TV seems to be winning over Apple TV in all specified genres; people across the world are buying the Amazon Fire TV, but users of Apple TV are too satisfied to even imagine about shifting their platform.

If you are looking for a set-top box that allows you to play games, listen to music and watch various game channels, then the Amazon Fire TV is going to be the candy of your eye.

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