Apple iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 – Design, Screen Size and Battery Life Comparison Design – a Waterproof Smartphone!

When we first saw Samsung Galaxy S5, we weren’t exactly thrilled or excited.
On photos it looked much larger than it was in reality, yet when we took it to our hands we could literally feel the design. It’s much lighter (145 g), thinner (8.1 mm) and more compact than what it seemed at first. The device has an IP67 certification for dust and water resistance, so be sure to take it under water (up to 1m deep, and no longer than 30 minutes) and take some photos or videos! Apple iPhone 5s, on the other hand, is absolutely perfect when it comes to design. It fits perfectly into your hand, and the entire screen is reachable with your fingers. The phone is only 7.6mm thick, and as light as 112 g may seem, it’s a perfect weight that leaves you with a great feeling when you have the device in your hands.

Difference in Screen Size – Why It’s Not Important

Samsung Galaxy S5’s screen size is 5.1″ with Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, which means a high 432 ppi. The screen supports 16 million colors, and is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, so it won’t get scratched over time by carrying it in your pocket unprotected. Under the Home key lies a fingerprint scanner that requires you to get the angle right when sweeping your finger over it, which can get tiresome at times. Display works great outdoors thanks to the brightness auto-adjust sensor that can boast with great responsiveness, so there shouldn’t be any problems viewing the screen under direct sunlight. By today’s standard a 4″ Retina IPS display on iPhone 5s is too small. Still, the 4″ display is probably one of the best ones in the market with 640×1136 pixel resolution and 326 ppi, while newer 5″ models offer over 450 ppi. You can find a very responsive fingerprint scanner (Touch ID) on the Home key. It’s possible to save multiple fingerprints so the phone is unlockable with any of your fingers. The advanced technology behind TouchID’s design is why it is, by far, the best smartphone fingerprint scanner.

Battery – How Long Does It Really Last?

Li-Ion battery with 2800 mAh capacity doesn’t sound spectacular on Galaxy S5, especially when Samsung is known to have over 3200 mAh batteries in some devices. The official records state that it can last up to 390h in stand-by mode, or up to 21h when talking, which sounds more than impressive. With heavy use (calls, messages, browsing the web, watching YouTube, playing games) battery will last an entire day and still leave you with 5-10% capacity (the remaining capacity will deplete overnight, so be sure to charge it). While almost all phones are chargeable via standard microUSB, iPhone 5s has its own Lightning connector that can be plugged in from either side of the device. The battery has a very poor (1560 mAh) capacity and can officially last up to 250h in stand-by mode, or up to 8h of talk time.

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