Apple iOS 8 Features Overview: Free Update for iPhone 5c

Apple Inc. has announced in June that a new iOS 8 update will be delivered to the owners of iPhone and iPad. With the release date of iOS 8 upon the users, Apple rolled out iOS 7, its successor. Now, we will take a look at iOS 8 on the aging former flagship model of Apple – iPhone 5.

Since the arrival of iOS 6 update on board with so many new features, enhancements, and tweaks, iPhone 5 is receiving innumerable iOS updates. Among them are the iOS 7, iOS 7.1.2 update, and now iOS 8 update. With the launch of iPhone 6 on September 9th, the final version of iOS 8 was showed off with a public release date on 17th of September. And now, the final version with all its new features is available.

So, here we will have a look at the impressions of iOS 8 update for iPhone 5c.

  1. Installation of iOS 8 Update:

If you trying to download the update on your iPhone 5C, be aware of free space. This is especially for iPhone 5C 8GB users and also for those who have been using the iPhone for quite some time and are short of space; as this is a bummer it requires almost 5GB of free space to install. However, we have found a work-around for this so that you won’t have to delete any of the data from your device. Just skip the OTA update and then connect your iPhone 5c to iTunes and backup the device. Look for software updates via iTunes. The key here is to back-up your device with iTunes before starting the update. The process of installation may take around 25 minutes.

  1. iOS 8 Performance On iPhone 5c:

The new iOS 8 is surely loaded with features, but is sure to impact the battery life of iPhone 5c. As far as the generic and important apps are concerned, the functionality remains decent. In one instance, the Facebook app started to cause issues as soon as the device was loaded. It took so much time to load for no reason. Adding problems to it, it crashed thereafter. Google Hangouts and Chrome worked fine, which was less expected. Other apps, including Netflix, caused no issues and the movie started to play instantly. The company pledged on the issues of Facebook to update its app frequently by fixing bugs and so this problem will be handled.

  1. The battery life of iOS 8

The battery life with iOS 8 seems to be pretty decent. If one uses the phone extensively for an hour, a dip of 13%- from 100% to 87% battery is expected. User will not notice any abnormal battery drain at all. The generic battery saver tips seem to work for iOS 8, which worked for earlier versions of iOS. Overall, with respect to the apps’ functionality and battery life, the iPhone seems to perform well with iOS 8. Users are expected to be satisfied with the performance.

Talking about the battery usage and display along with the changes to iMessage, it is worth upgrading to iOS 8. Battery life is solid with no catastrophic bugs. Apple has also made notable improvements in different key areas, including Photos. The new iOS 8 is packed with a ton of new features that people may like to experience.

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