Android Apps for PC – How to Run Your Favorite Android Apps on PC

The proliferation of smartphones can be partly attributed to the availability of several useful mobile-friendly applications.

These apps increase the device’s ability to function better. Currently, Android and iOS devices are the top two of the most used smartphone devices. Devices that run Android also come with an abundance of apps. For example, there are apps that can help make calls, send texts and take photos. Such apps are widely used because they also help reduce the cost of operating the phone. If you are wondering how you can run your favorite apps on PC, here is how.

3rd Party Developers

While there are some developers that do not count on PC users to use their apps, up-and-coming developers now also create PC-friendly versions of their apps. This way, people can use the apps on PC and with their mobile devices as well – a good example is Viber.

There are many 3rd party apps that allow you to run Android apps on both mobile and PC. In fact, the idea to create Android apps that are compatible with both platforms came early on.  It was developers that first started testing their apps on PCs to establish whether they were good enough for a phone. It is common place for developers to build an application and give it a ‘test drive’ using a PC via emulators such as BlueStacks. In the same way, end-users can run Android apps on their PCs via the emulator.

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is an Android emulator meaning that it enables Android apps to run on PCs. It somewhat resembles YouWave. To successfully use this emulator, you first have to install it in your PC and run it. After that, go to the homepage and type the name of any Android app at the “Search” bar. Once you have found it, download and install the app in your PC. You will now be able to use that Android application on your PC.

Some Android Apps That You Can Use on Your PC

Hangouts: Out goes Google Talk and in comes Hangouts. You can use this app to send messages to Google users and also video chat without incurring any calling charges. If you have Android 4.4, you can also manage your SMS and even video conference with about 12 other Google+ users.

Facebook: If you are a Facebook addict, you can now stay connected all day long thanks to the Facebook for Android app. This app allows you to browse, chat and access the setting on your account.

Plume for Twitter: This app is most suitable for all tweeter users looking to gain more control. This Android/Twitter client also gives you access to a variety of settings, even the LED color you want for update alerts.

Tumblr: This is an app that has grown dramatically since its introduction. It allows users to share their discoveries and creations easily, and even re-blog all the things they came across on Tumblr.


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