Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 – Best Price, Features and Specs Comparison

Two new devices on the market, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Samsung Tab 3 10.1, have become very popular and well-known among the customers. In most of the shops, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is more pricey than the Amazon Kindle and that the Samsung Galaxy latest tablet comes in two versions of colors, one is white and the other golden brown, whereas the Amazon comes only in black. Both the handsets are very great on what they offer, but they are suitable for totally different category of people. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 is for the professional activities, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is more for entertaining.


The Galaxy Tab from Samsung comes bundled with a dual-core (ARM cortexA9) with a clock rate of 1.5 GHz, whereas the Amazon Kindle device is equipped with a dual-core processor that is Intel Atom, clocked at 1.6 GHz. Both tablets house 1 GB of RAM, which improves a lot the performance off the tablets.

Both the devices are doubtlessly incredible for a fast operating, but Samsung Galaxy stands out a little with its better clocking speed. Thus, they still perform at the same speed in practical circumstances.


Both the tablets are running on Android as their operating systems. The difference is that the Amazon Kindle operates on the Ice Cream Sandwich, whereas the Galaxy Tab runs on the Jelly Bean version. In addition, the Samsung tablet uses on top of the OS the TouchWiz as its user interface, which allows the users to customize their device display.

In the software field, the Samsung Tab wins over the Amazon Kindle due to its Touch Wiz user interface.


The functionality of the devices is very significant. The Samsung Galaxy tablet is more flexible because it can be used as an organizer or as a smartphone, wherewith its users can receive and make calls and also messages of emergency. Unlike the Samsung, the Amazon Kindle cannot be used as a smartphone, and that is one of its biggest downsides.


Both devices house an un-removable battery unit. The Tab 3 10.1  is bundled with a battery capacity of 6800 mAh that is lithium-polymer unit, while the Amazon Kindle a Li-Ion battery unit at 4400mAh.

Amazon Kindle comes with a less capacity of battery, compared with the Tab 3 10.1, but when it is fully charged, it last a bit longer time for usage.


Both the devices come packed with the same internal memory storage, which is of 16 GB. When The difference is that the memory can be extant to 64 GB via micro SD in the Samsung device , the Kindle expandable memory can go up to 32 GB.

If you require a tablet with a large external storage capacity, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 is a more suitable option for you.


The Amazon Kinde Fire HD is now available for only $119.89 on the Amazon website, while the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 from Samsung is $319.99. So, if you are into the Samsung Galaxy phone you should take more money from your pocket.

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