WhatsApp Plus Free Download – Does 5.65 Latest Version Seem Legit?

Whatsapp Plus 5.65 is a version of WhatsApp. It features several improvements and additions like color change, quality and size of pictures and videos sent.

WhatsApp Plus 5.65 is an update of version 5.62D. It is not an official app and that is why you will not find it in your Google Play Store. It’s an unofficial update that is also quite different from the normal WhatsApp messenger.

This latest WhatsApp version can however be installed in all devices that have the Android 4.1 version and above. This specific APK file is supported by all Spice, Karbonn, Micromax, Sony, iBall, Xolo, Lenovo, Nokia, Samsung and all other Android phones.

WhatsApp Plus was developed by a Spanish developer known as Rafalete. This new version is also available for free. This app can also be called WhatsApp Plus Holo and has an easy installation process. It is very effective in terms of how it works.

Some of the changes that come with WhatsApp Plus 5.65

  1. The chat screen cam icon can be hidden with the new MOD 1.2.25
  2. Flat action bar icons
  3. When you save a theme you will have to give the name of the theme.
  4. Animated emoticons can be disabled by the new MOD 1.2.26
  5. The chat screen camera icon can be painted by the new MOD 1.2.11

Installing the latest WhatsApp Plus 5.65 version in an Android phone

  1. Start by backing up the chat conversation you want to keep.
  2. Do this by tapping the button for “options”. Click on settings, then chat settings and then click on backup conversations.
  3. Uninstall the old WhatsApp version and replace it with the new WhatsApp+.
  4. Download WhatsApp+ 5.65 into your Android smartphone.
  5. Click on “Agree” then “Continue” to go on with the process.
  6. If your chat conversations were successfully backed up, reinstall them. Reinstall by clicking on “Restore” option.
  7. Wait for a few seconds or minutes for the chat conversations to be installed. The time it will take depends on the amount of chat conversations you backed up. The more they are, the more time it will take to restore them. You internet connection will also determine the time it takes.
  8. Click continue

Just like that, you will have successfully installed WhatsApp+ 5.65D.

Features of WhatsApp Plus 5.65

  • You will be able to easily hide your “Last seen” date. So, if you do not want to be seen, your last seen date will not be updated.
  • You will be able to make and apply themes you like and need.
  • You can change the icon color
  • You can upload videos and photos without compression.
  • You will have a maximum size for uploading of 50MB.
  • You will be able to change the notification bar.

If you would like to spice up your WhatsApp experience, you can’t go wrong with WhatsApp Plus 5.65. You will have plenty of customization options with the same reliability as the regular WhatsApp.

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