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WhatsApp Messenger is available for smartphones from Android, Blackberry, iPhone to Nokia, Windows Phone. This application is totally free, it only needs internet connection and you are able to send text messages and keep in touch with all your friends who have WhatsApp.

Plus, WhatsApp Messenger is a great app that provides not only standard messaging but it enables you to create group conversations, to send images, audio and video messages too.

Also, as we said before WhatsApp is available for Windows Phone and Apple iOS.

WhatsApp features

  • It is an app that is freely to use. WhatsApp provides unlimited messages for chatting with all your friends who had downloaded the app. You can send over a million messages by day at any cost, when you are connected at the Internet ( 3G/EDGE or  Wi-Fi)
  • It enables you to send multimedia files, from photos to videos and voice messages
  • You can create a group by adding from your contacts or removing some participants, changing the subject or even setting a group icon.
  • You can choose one of your photos to make it as your profile picture.
  • Also, you are able to chat with friends over the borders, in any country they are, as long as they installed WhatsApp. This is absolutely for free and you can avoid so the international costs.
  • You don’t have to worry about not remembering the username or password, because once you installed this app, it automatically works by your phone number and it also adds all your contacts from address book.
  • WhatsApp does not require log in or log out because it is always on and connected when you are using Internet Data.
  • Your friends from your contacts in your phone, who already have installed the WhatsApp, are displayed into a list, under Favorites.
  • You can send messages to the people who are offline or you can receive an offline message too, because Whatsapp saves your messages and you are able to see them when you will be online again.
  • Other features: exchange contacts, share places and location, custom notification sound and wallpaper, message timestamps, a landscape mode, broadcast media files and messages to many contacts at once, chat history and many others.

New app features:

  • Camera short-cut
  • Privacy settings for your profile picture, status or last seen timestamp
  • Paying for a friend’s WhatsApp service
  • Adding large videos in chat
  • Unread messages appears in a widget on home screen
  • Share or save a profile photo or a group icon
  • Sending flag emotions on Sony smartphones
  • Sending history message
  • Eneble Hindi
  • Set a recording volume for Sony and Samsung Note 3


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