WhatsApp Free Download and In-Depth Review

WhatsApp is an app for iPhone messaging that allows users to text, speak, send songs, and exchange audio clips, speech messages, image files, and many other things, including multimedia system messages with people or organisations.

The app is now available on various mobile platforms, including Android. The ease of use and setup and the availability across all platforms makes WhatsApp the preferred messaging application. With WhatsApp, sharing images and videos is a breeze and people across geographies can connect with each other seamlessly.

WhatsApp relies on files for sending messages that are similar to iMessage or BBM. It won’t be slicing in the monthly text allotments of users. It does not use the circle of one’s cell phone to help in sending the text messages, but uses Internet for connecting to people as their number (phone number) is recognised within the target eBook of phone. It does not use the standard network of cell phones for sending SMS related to anyone along with one’s connections. The telephone can send messages or SMS on single airwaves that help one in making voice phone calls; WhatsApp uses 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi or any online connections for helping in sending messages.

To make use of a messaging program of phone, one needs a 3G or 4G connection for exchanging images or pics, sound tracks, recordings, movie or video clips. However, with WhatsApp, one can send out multimedia system messages easily as the request is actually associated with the Internet. WhatsApp synchronises the image gallery of the phone and also the digital camera way helping one in selection of pics for sending it to others and also for recording a photo. It also has the ability to compress and send videos to any recipient within seconds. Moreover, users can create groups and invite friends to that group. Later, messages can be broadcasted to the groups individually.

The WhatsApp messaging mechanism integrates with the device seamlessly. The usage experience is great as the controls are very intuitive and user friendly. It is not just images that one can share with WhatsApp, but there is a lot more to it. Getting started is very simple and quick.

On each and every smartphone, download WhatsApp now for free as it is available. Its free availability makes the instant messaging service universal. WhatsApp is chargeable only from the 2nd year of use, which is again a very nominal amount. The service is so powerful that people across the globe can connect with each other seamlessly within seconds. The only requirement is that users need a stable internet connection on their devices. Even a 2G connection proves to be sufficient for sending text messages through WhatsApp. These unique and useful features of WhatsApp have made the app appear in the limelight. WhatsApp has the same impact to instant messaging as Skype has on international calls, as per the Financial Times.

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