Whatsapp Free App Update Download For Android Wear Support

WhatsApp is very favorable and renowned all around the globe for its simple and friendly user interface.

Plenty of instant messaging services came to the market to try their luck, but eventually all vanished as no application was in a position to compete with the most preferred app WhatsApp.

The friendly and easy-to-use app, WhatsApp arrived and acquired the whole market, winning over every target group. During the time it was launched in the year 2009, it was more of a youth trend, but now people of all ages are constantly making use of the application to connect with their friends and families.

This app literally smashed down text messages from phones and quickly became a mandatory and a must-have app for all smart phones. With the increasing demand and value, WhatsApp never fails to upgrade its software with more trendy and needed features to make it more interesting and lively.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in the month of February 2014 and since then the app has been flooded with plenty of updates. Mark Zukerberg and his team are continuously putting in efforts to update the Facebook software very frequently and the same applies to WhatsApp too.

Since the takeover, the WhatsApp application has been updated number of times. It was the very first update with the feature of ‘last seen’, which lets the user to hide his “last seen” from others. Secondly, it was updated for its ‘design’ and thirdly for the added option of ‘voice record’ and recently it has been updated with a ‘camera shortcut’ near to the send button.

Version 2.11.318 of WhatsApp is easily available for download on its official website. Apart from smart phone users, the latest WhatsApp update has been extended for the eagerly waiting Android Wear users too.

Android wear users have been provided with updates like complete message preview, where now the user receives the entire message, displayed on its watch instead of a trunked notification. Now, the app also shows the name of the individual sender in a group chat. Another updated feature is the stacked notification, where if the user is receiving multiple WhatsApp messages, the user would be able to expand every single message and read them separately.

Voice replies is another feature where the user gets an option to dictate a reply to message thread. However, the new implementations for android wear are not flawless and this might explain the limited release. The two major issues that most users come across are that while dictating a voice reply, the app does open on the phone, but the notification instantly disappears from the watch. There is no good reason to explain why the application should come to the foreground and the notification should be intact until it is dismissed manually.

But irrespective of a few downturns, Android wears are way too ahead in the run when compared to what it used to be in the past and this by all means is due to the latest updates and upgrading.

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