What Do the Game Lovers Expect From Uncharted 4?

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The action adventure game Uncharted 4, marking the fourth installment of the gaming franchise, is some time away from being released by mid 2015, but speculations have already started piling up, more so since the launch of the game’s trailer at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The game, being developed by Naughty Dog and promoted by Sony, is a much awaited one for the next year and game enthusiasts have already started making wishes and predictions for the content. Some of the expectations that are common to a lot of people have been compiled below.

Improved Shooting and Handling

Given the fluidity with which the previous versions of the game proceeded, shooting mechanics were sometimes not in sync with the surrounding environment, especially so during heavy combats and fights when they felt jerky and shaky. So the new game is expected to improve a lot in this regard, so that no new update is needed to be released afterwards, unlike what was done for the Uncharted 3 version. So the makers should spend time in improving this segment, making it more competitive and robust and by removing the small snags.

Make Collectibles More Important

The story is set on Drake, a treasure hunter, and the game is full of collectible items. However, there is not much benefit that can be reaped, from the collectibles. So the new game should take the collectible items to the next level, attaching a distinct value and story to the various antique and important items and making their discovery somewhat more challenging and rewarding. This would arouse more interest and enthusiasm for the users who play Drake in the game.

Make Climbing More Challenging

This is a Tomb Raider style change that the gamers desire. The game proceeds very casually and finding the direction is very easy. While climbing also, just the analogue stick needs to be pressed and the climb would be completed without any problems. This should be made more challenging by addition of extra tools like ropes, axes and some barriers, which would require Drake to maneuver more, while climbing and any wrong step would be punished by death. This would make the game more interesting, just like the Tomb Raider series where clinging is an arduous task.

Improvise and Invent More

The game is a maze of puzzles and some of them are really tricky. But that isn’t enough sometimes. The challenges are at times very open ended and linear, making the users lose attention. This should be improved and more tricky and challenging puzzles should be added which tickle the grey cells of the gamers; most of them would have been through with the previous three versions of the game.

Drake Should Be There

There have been rumors that the new game would not feature Drake. The makers would be doing a deep injustice to the game by excluding Drake, if at all, from it. Though the series isn’t dedicated to Drake, he is the person we want to see in the frontline. The fun would be somewhat lost without him in Uncharted 4.

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