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WeChat is a communication app from a Chinese company.

It was introduced back in 2011 and is now used globally by millions of people. This app is free to use and comes with all standard features for an IM app. You can send instant messages, make high quality video calls and voice calls, among others.

Even though the WeChat user interface is not easy to grasp initially, you will eventually get accustomed to using it. It is also available for many mobile platforms and PCs as well. It can be used on Blackberry, Symbian and Windows devices. The good thing is that it is a free app that has much functionality and does not have any ads.

Registering For WeChat

Registering for a WeChat account is as easy as it comes. This is because you do not need to have a password or username. All you need is your mobile phone number to sign in. You can alternatively sign in using a Facebook account. Once you have your account, you can look for a profile name and change it whenever you want.


You can engage in live chat sessions with other WeChat users who are also your contacts. Voice calls are also easy to make and they are somewhat different from IM apps that use VoIP. It has a half-duplex feature function (equivalent to a walkie-talkie). You will have to press a button when talking; then your voice gets recorded before being sent. You also have the ability to talk to a group of as many people as you want. WeChat also comes with a variety of emoticons you can add to your text messages, to make them more appealing and fun.

Video Chatting

WeChat has a feature that enables Video chatting and is audio integrated. The quality of video is good but also depends on several other factors like the connection signal strength. You can use your 3G data plan or Wi-Fi connection.

Adding New Contacts

Adding new contacts to your WeChat list is both intuitive and interesting. You can share identities and contacts can also be synchronized. This app also allows you to scan QR Codes to add friends using the Shake feature. To add friends using ‘Shake’ feature, you must enable ‘Shake Option’ then shake your phone to get linked to other users. The other users should also be shaking their phones whether they are near or far away.

Dropping Messages

This app makes it possible for you to drop a message to another user to see it later. You can use a virtual bottle to drop that message and then grab it and drop it. You will also see a digital seal and you can look for virtual messages in bottles when you are free or feel lonely.

Moments Feature

This is a feature that allows you to share photos with other WeChat users. The interface has a camera button. The ‘moments’ you share are connected on some timeline thread and your WeChat friends are able to comment on them.

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