Waze – Redefining Navigation and Why It Is Better than Apple Maps

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Waze is a system that helps drivers connect with one another, thus improving their driving experience.

This effectively means that Waze helps road users avoid the fatigue of sitting in traffic for hours, and also helps them avoid police traps, showing users new routes they are not familiar with.

How Waze works

The users type in their destination address and then drive with the application open on their phone so as to contribute to traffic and other road data. Waze can also take a more active role by giving information about accidents, police traps or any other dangers on the way.

Why Waze Is Preferred To Apple Maps

Negotiations had been made for Apple to buy Waze, but Google beat them to the mark. Apple has had many problems, and the revival of Google Maps on iOS 6 has consigned Cupertino’s map offering to the outer limits. Waze stands out unique because it is cheap and does not rely on map data at all. Apple relies on map data, making it more expensive to use compared to Waze.

Waze has a real-time system, in that if one road user uses a new route, other road users going in the same direction will have a notification of the new route in their Waze maps. Waze is a free application and was recently acquired by Google. If one runs out of gas, Waze will not direct you to the nearest gas station but will direct you the nearest station linked up with the application.

Importance of Waze for Android Phones

Waze can be used by those on foot, on the road or bike riders. In Google maps, Waze’s outstanding feature is its real-time capability of informing the users of any new routes or accidents ahead, any construction activities going on the route, or any traffic incidents. In summary, the application keeps you informed about any activity that has the potential to slow down your commute.

In driving mode, Waze updates the driver by measuring his or her speed, and by searching information about the road conditions ahead. In additional, Waze has a social element. The application is integrated with Google+, where Google + takes advantage of how Waze handles common destinations among friends. Furthermore, Waze is linked up with Facebook, where sharing of information about the Waze’s current service is possible.

Google Maps versus the Competition

Google is an independent application even without Waze in the picture. Adding Waze to the Google application makes Google an outstanding and essential app for many Android fans. This is so because Waze adds its social real-time essentials to Google’s applications. Integration of Waze into Google Maps can help Google maintain its advantage over Apple’s mapping system.

The Bottom Line

Waze is a simple application that can easily be integrated to your phone especially. It will make your driving and road related activities easier to relate with and manage. Waze has, without a doubt, upped the stakes in the navigation apps space.

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