Waze vs. Google Maps – Which is the Best GPS for Android and iOS Users?

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If you’re looking for a good navigation app to help you with directions when you are on the way to a new place, which of these do you think is a better bet: Google Maps or Waze?

For those of you who are confused about choosing between the two for Android and iOS, here’s a quick comparison guide. Before that, here’s an update, just in case you aren’t up to date with the news. Google took over Waze few months ago, though Waze is still operating independently. It seems like Google acquired Waze just for its excellent user engagement and to keep it away from the hands of Facebook and Apple. Let’s move on to the comparison of Waze vs. Google Maps now.

Google Maps

For a long time now, Google Maps has been the top choice of navigation app for both Android and iOS. The transit time data and real time traffic info are very valuable. The add-on features such as necessary venues down your route are great additional aspects without disturbing the way of the main function of the apps.

One of the best parts of this navigation app is the integration of several transportation forms like cycling, walking, and public transit. It’s very useful to have a single app for the total estimated travel time and step-by-step guide, particularly since many people who use public transport do so along with driving or walking. Finally, Google Maps assists in budgeting your time and integrates traffic data through Waze. It dynamically re-routes around big snarls.


At the first glance, Waze seems pretty much like Google Maps with the only actual dissimilarity in the interface being that Waze displays the users in the area when the map loads.  Getting down deep into the features, there certainly is a great difference between these two. The features of Waze are driven socially. The social media part lets users to add their Foursquare and/or Facebook account to link with friends, adding one more layer to the experience with Waze.

When the user keys in the destination, Waze estimates the route depending on the traffic conditions and shortest distance. Google Maps relies on traffic department for traffic updates, while Waze depends considerable on users going through the same path. This way, it makes users also a vital aspect of GPS navigation since they are allowed to report and give specifics on events they prefer to report.


Google Maps and Waze may look the same, though they are totally different navigation apps for android and iOS. While Waze has outdid Google Maps with respect to its utility to travelers and taken GPS navigation to the next level, Google Maps provides lots of convenient details to them about directions and details of what is in the area.

When it comes to making a smart choice, Waze is a good option for travelers who are on the go always and searching for driving directions. Google Maps can be used by anyone to find anything. If there’s a chance, two would always be better than one. So, consider downloading both of these for a great navigation experience.

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