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Are you always stuck in traffic and find it hard to find ways of avoiding gridlocked roads? Waze will help you out. When you avoid traffic, you increase the chances of getting to your destination on time and with ease.

Waze is a mapping app that can be used on any smartphone platform. It is free to use and provides users with turn by turn guidance. This app currently has over 20 million users, globally.

How It Works

This GPS navigation app has voice guidance that provides you with driving guidance by the turn. What makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it provides real-time information on traffic and any other incidents on the roads. This app automatically connects its users and is thus able to gather information that affects whichever route you may be using or want to use. That way, you can make a much better decision on which route will get you to your destination on time.

Some Waze Features

Visually, Waze is different from other apps. It has a simple interface and is awesome when it comes to providing reliable information to those on the roads. This app also has a 45 degree angle view making it much different from other apps.

All important texts are in large fonts and given in a different color from the rest. If you do not find the texts clear enough, you still have a voice over option you could listen to. However, all colors used throughout this app are quite distinctive making everything clear. If you wish, you can also change the colors and choose from the more than 20- color options provided.

For information on speed cameras, traffic jams and fuel stations, you will see different icons displayed for each. If you do not have any use for some of the information, you have the option of switching it off.

Using Waze

To use Waze, you will first have to create an account. Afterwards, you will be able to communicate and get information from other users. Each time you use Waze to share useful information, you are awarded badges.

How Are Points Calculated?

For each activity that takes place in Waze, you get some points. You should keep in mind, that the number of points given, for activities that are distantly related, have different values depending on whether they are measured in miles or kilometers. In effect, all equal physical distances get the same number of points.

When editing the maps on Waze, you will be given points according to the amount of changed objects/nodes/segments. If you select more than one segment and edit it, you will be awarded a point for each segment. However, you will not be given more points for changing more than one property. You will have more points when you give segments that are unnamed.

When you change one segment several times in 24 hours, you will not be given a point for each change. Instead, you will be given a single point. When you save many changes, at a go, you can only be awarded a maximum of 150 points.

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