Watch Dogs Receives Performance Upgrade Patch

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The open world hacking game from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, has received a new patch, which the company claims will significantly improve the performance of the game.

The game developers have been constantly removing multiple complaints from users through the community feedback system. The latest patch release focuses on the top fixes that people have been asking for. It fixes multiple known bugs, improves some game modes including the drinking game and also reins in players, who have been indulging in bad behavior in online matches.

In the official community forums, Ubisoft manager said, “We know there has been a considerable gap since we released a patch but there is a reason for this delay. We have been working really hard to make all these changes and deliver something that is noteworthy.” The statement also detailed on a number of changes that they have made to the game including some exciting replay options, optimized player experience and glitch fixes.

Official Changes Listed

According to the post made in the Watch Dogs community forum, the game developers have boosted the replayability option for the title. For players who have already completed the single player missions, there is now an option to complete reset Convoy and Gang hideout missions, which have been previously completed. The Drinking game was one of the most challenging of them all. Rather than being a challenge, it was more of an annoying factor that players had to endure with it. Aiming the cursor using the triggers or a mouse was near impossible once Aiden Pearce gets drunk but they managed to win randomly at some points.

The team has taken the players’ pleas into consideration and has finally returned the drinking game so that it isn’t annoying difficult as it used to be. There have been some significant changes made to the multiplayer matches as well. You will now be able to select available friends by using the Grid and it will be possible to hack or tail them. They will not know that you are actually stalking them. People who don’t want to be followed can disable the feature under the online options category.

Curbing Bad Online Behavior

There have been several reports that Watch Dogs is frequented by gamers who hardly have any commitment to multiplayer matches. Players who go against others known for unfair drop outs will be given the same amount of notoriety if they have won while the person who drops off will receive none. The changes are expected to discourage people from dropping off randomly. ctOS companion app disconnects will no longer affect those who are playing the game on PC or consoles.

An important update for PC players is the new AMD beta driver 14.7 which is expected to smoothen and enhance the game experience for players who own AMD graphic cards. The new patch is available for American and European players from August 21 while Asian gamers will get it on August 26. Ubisoft is also planning to create a sequel for Watch Dogs, which could be announced in 2015.

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