Watch Dogs Better Than GTA 5?

The most popular simulation games, GTA 5 and Watch Dogs have a great deal in common yet some details happen to make them quite distinct from each other. The production value of GTA 5 is definitely higher but Watch Dogs happens to out do it in more than one way.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dog is subtly targeted to the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) crowd. GTA is now closing in on sales worth $2 billion and will soon be releasing its OC version as well. Watch Dogs is certainly inspired by Grand Theft Auto and it differentiates itself in quite a few fascinating ways which are also ambitious. Watch Dog gives its players an opportunity to be able to hack objects; this is very different from the way players are engaged in the virtual world. Just anyone can guess how well the spirit of GTA is carried on in Watch Dogs.

Here are some very obvious ways that GTA and Watch Dogs are different

The Manslaughter

Both the games have a great deal of chase sequence in their sandbox laden cities but let’s analyse who does it better? In Watch Dogs, the gamer just won’t be able to empty SMG into chasing cars till they are on fore nor is it possible for one to carry around bombs and throw them outside the window as your car passes through police barricades. The sole way of getting away from the cops or hunting down targets would be Is to make use of your set of hacking skills whether it is blowing up a gas mines or raising bridges. Some of these portions can be rather annoying till you get a good hang of them but they make use of the central hacking concept of Watch Dogs better than any of the other aspects in the game.

Down the Road

Watchdogs is particularly meant for the player to be focused on spying, hacking and espionage, it is unquestioningly also meant to compete with GTA when it comes to sandbox shooter level. GTA is trying to up its sales and reach $800 million sales. As for Watch Dogs, it has already broken its success record making it the most successful maiden week release of all times with almost $4 million copies already sold. This has even beaten its previous record of Assassin’s Creed 3.

Losing out on the plot

One cannot possibly even try to ignore the role of the story, characterization and writing in present day gaming, even typical sandbox shooters. But here, both GTA and Watchdogs struggle in their own way. GTA 5 did well when it released some endearing characters, especially the leads, Trevor, Michael and Franklin. Franklin was the straight person of the lot, Michael – a possible sociopath and Trevor who is a too complicated personality. Every one of these leads had an amazing voice acting and very good writing to go with. The game even has some dramatic as well as comedic highlights but not even an avid gamer can tell you the story.

Watch Dogs on the other hand has some great supporting characters but most of who are sadly killed by the end. Apart from the central revenge plots, most of Watch Dogs is not very well scripted and has some rather dark portions which can give one a stomach-churning feeling.

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