Viber vs Skype Calling Rates: A Never Ending Battle

Android phones have leveraged people with choices.

People are using various apps for various purposes. Apps have helped people in simplifying their lives. While most of them are using these apps for entertainment, some are making immaculate use of these apps. Free voice calling service and video calling service are features that make it easier for the people living in different countries to communicate with their friends and families.

Skype and Viber happen to be the leading voice and video calling apps. While both of these apps provide limited free voice calling options, to enjoy uninterrupted and great service, you will have to pay a meager sum. Skype and Viber are the hotshot toppers in this niche. The local public with lesser knowledge of technology is always stuck in the debate of which is better and which is cheaper.

If reports and surveys are to be considered, Skype happens to be the best voice calling app, while Viber tops among other runner-ups. Skype, a Microsoft initiative, has an advantage of eternal back-up while Viber is climbing the ladder of success slowly-slowly.

Viber recently launched its Viber out that has a wider outreach and allows its users to make international and local calls at an affordable rate. While the fanatics from the market have praised the app for its easy and convenient services, most of them will go with Skype.

Let’s do a deep scrutiny of both and find out a result for the trending topic Viber vs Skype calling rates.

  • Viber out is providing voice calling and video calling services at a lower rate than Skype. The general public takes it as a move to take over the market share of Skype. The professionals from the field attribute it to the technical connections between the service providers and Viber. Viber is known to have better relations with the service provider. Viber is focusing on improving services by going with the alternatives in the market.
  • Viber Out was released in the Philippines for the first time.
  • Every three minute call that you make to India using Skype Out costs 387% more than what it costs when you call up using Viber Out.
  • A three minute call to Vietnam costs 198% more with Skype Out, when compared with the cost of a similar duration call made using Viber Out.
  • Similarly, it is 274% more for Thailand when made a call using Skype Out.

For now, Viber Out seems to be winning the battle of cost, while Skype, the giant of voice calling apps, seems to be losing it. The rate of Viber Out are way lesser than Skype Out but a huge chunk of the population is still making use of Skype, because of the belief it has cultivated with them and because of the quality of service they are known for.

While Viber wins the battle of calling rates, Skype has won more hearts. It is going to be the coming future that will tell the successful tale of leading voice and video calling apps.

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