Viber and VOIP Download – Serious Threat To The SMS World

The technology is evolving, we see new smartphones and other devices being released continuously and we’re asking ourselves where we’re heading at. If in the past we used phones to send text messages to our friends, now there are new messaging apps that we can use: Viber, Line, Whatsapp, WeChat and others.

Viber is the newcomer who had to fight with its competition and to attract potential clients, luring them with irresistible services. And who could refuse an application that allows you to exchange images for free, or to do free voice calls?! Viber guaranteed best quality and came up with a strategy that worked and today, we’re witnessing its ascension.

When the redesigned version of Viber for iOS and Andoid VOIP was launched, the fans loved the revamped sticker menu, which undoubtedly improved their experience regarding the gatherings with their contacts.

Viber is continuously evolving and the number of users increased from one day to another, so it’s no wonder that many platforms accepted it and now it runs on iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Linux OS, Symbian, Windows, etc.

Viber is a combination between Skype and Whatsapp, being a free messaging app preferred by more and more users. The Viber Out update is slowly gaining popularity as it offers the best sound quality at the cheapest fees.

Unfortunately for the network providers, they will have to rethink their strategies, to improve them in order to keep up with the new trend. Because these messaging and VOIP apps can be considered a great threat to their customer databases and their earnings will drop drastically in time.

But there is a downside for Viber users, though. They are not able to text or call their friends who are not using this application. Also, they must have access to internet – to be connected to a WiFi network or to have internet on their devices. But, this app is really fun, considering that it has some awesome creative stickers which you can use to impress your friends.

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