Viber – Top Tips and Tricks To Use It Like A Pro

Viber is one of the most known messaging apps, being used by over 200 million Android users from 193 countries. What’s so great about this app? Indeed, it has many regular features, but the cool stickers and emoticons differentiate this app from other popular rivals. Plus, in the last 4 years, this app has evolved a lot and you can do many things that you don’t know about. This is why we’ll reveal you some tips and tricks to help you know this application better.

Smart Notifications

To enable this feature, enter the chat room and swipe to the left, and then tap on “Smart Notifications”. This way, you’ll receive all the messages in one notification, instead of receiving them individually.

How to switch between conversations easily

When you’re involved in more conversations simultaneously, you have to go to one chat room to another. If you no longer want to switch between 2-3-4 chat rooms, then this is what you have to do: enter one of the chat rooms where you had a conversation, then swipe to the right, where you’ll see on the screen the rest of the active chat rooms. Select the desired chat room by tapping on the name of your friend or group.

If you want to block or unblock numbers…

We understand why you want to ignore some people who bother you. Who wants to be harassed on Viber? To block a mobile contact number, enter the chat room where you talked with the person you want to disappear from your contact list and swipe to the left, tap on the “Navicon” (top right) and choose “Block”.

If you have second thoughts and you want to unblock a mobile contact number, tap on the Navicon, go to “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Block list” and tap on “Unblock”.

Be undercover

If you’re not in the mood for talking, but you want to stay in the shadows, instead of being “online”, or if you don’t want to let your friends know that you’ve “seen” their messages, this is how you can hide your “seen” status – tap on “Navicon” – > “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> disable the “seen” status”. To be “offline” and “online” in the same time, you’ll have to turn on and off this feature every 24 hours. Go to “Navicon” -> “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> disable “online” status.

How to turn off your notifications

If you’re at work and you don’t want to receive tons of notifications for several hours, then go to “Navicon” -> “Settings” -> “Notifications”, then turn off “Contact Joined Viber”, “Show message preview”, “New Message Popup” and “Light screen”, for messages. Also, you can turn off the Viber notifications directly from the Android Settings app -> Apps -> Viber -> disable Show notifications.

Turning off the “Light Screen”

You don’t want your Android device’s battery to run out quickly, because every time you receive a message the screen turns on, then disable this feature. Go to “Navicon” -> “Settings” -> “Notifications” -> disable “Light screen”.

Deleting messages from a conversation

If you want to clean your message history from a chat room, you will delete the conversation only on your device, not on your friend’s device as well. But, anyway, this how you can erase messages: enter the chat room, select the message(s) you want to be gone, tap & hold them, and choose Delete. On the other hand, you can also “edit” your messages.

How to change the WiFi sleep policy

Viber will set by default WiFi to be active all the time, so you won’t have to go “offline”. To follow the “Sleep Policy”, go to “Navicon” -> “Settings” -> General -> WiFi sleep policy and choose the right settings.

Doodling on photos

When you take a photo with your phone’s camera or when you receive a photo from your friends, you can use the Viber Doodle to “edit” it. Go to the photo you want to “doodle”, tap on the “Navicon” -> choose Doodle on this photo and let your imagination take care of the rest. You’ll have some options to choose from: eraser, brush, colors etc. When you’re done, tap on “Send” and send the piece of art to your Viber friends.

Access the conversations gallery

All the photos and videos you’ve shared with your friends can be found in the chat history. To access them, go to the Conversations Galley: enter the chat room (the one where you’ve shared videos and photos), swipe to the left and choose Conversations Gallery and swipe either left or right to view the photos and videos.



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