Viber proves that Calling is Better than Texting

People of all ages have turned to texting when they want to communicate with someone else.

A lot of apps are available for this kind of communication and they have made things easier for everyone. If you want to ask something to someone and can’t wait for the next time you’ll see him, you can just text that person and you will get your response. One of the more popular messaging apps available today is Viber. It works just like regular apps but it has more downloads than the others.

Texting is Fun with Viber

Viber proves that texting can also be fun. You can send doodles to your friends if you’re tired of using conventional texting. The app also has stickers you can use to text. Some of the stickers are free but you can also purchase paid stickers in the Sticker Market. You can also engage in group texting with Viber. You don’t have to send the same message one by one to different contacts. You can create a group with as many as 100 participants.

Calling Instead of Texting

For people who are not big on texting and would rather choose to talk to their family and friends, there is an option on Viber that allows you to call them for free. Viber’s free voice call is more popular than its texting features. It is being used by family, friends, and even in the workplace. It is a cheap way to talk and communicate with different people in your life. Using Viber’s voice call is not only cheap but it also is an effective way of communication.

Talk to Your Friends in Real-time

Because of this available feature, Viber is offering us an opportunity that we didn’t get to have back in the day. Calling was not cheap in the old days. If you want to talk to someone, you will have to spend a lot of money to do it. Now, as long as you have a supported device, you can easily use Viber. Just download the app on your device, which is free, by the way. Calling is much better than texting, some people would agree. It is easier to talk to someone in real-time than to wait for the person to reply – if he will ever text back.

Hear Their Reaction

There is a great sense of comfort in knowing that with just a few clicks, you will be able to hear someone’s voice. While you can’t see a person’s face while you’re having a conversation, you can hear from their voice about their reaction on a topic, unlike with texting which can hide how a person really reacts or feels about what you said.

Viber Out

All of these features require an internet connection. However, if you’re in a location where there’s no connection to the internet, you can use Viber Out to make calls. Respective rates will apply depending on the country you’re currently in. This practical feature adds to Viber’s appeal to people that makes it one of the best apps today.

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