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We are living in an era where smartphones are able to do things that would have been impossible ten years ago.

Particular changes brought about by these advancements in technology, include the way people connect. Today, there are hundreds of chatting and IM apps that allow users to connect with friends, family and colleagues instantly.

Viber is one of the many communication applications available today. It is a VoIP app that improves how you talk and text people. The new version comes with remarkably improved and new tools. Generally, Viber is a free communication app that allows you to call and text other Viber users for free.

New Features Present In the Latest Version of Viber

The latest Viber version comes packed with a new design, new look and better privacy settings allowing you to manage your contact list.

The Rearranged Settings Menu

The new settings menu comes easily arranged, to make it possible for you to find whatever you need, faster than before. The privacy menu offers a long list of settings you can change, in different categories, such as notifications, privacy, messages and calls, display and media settings among others.

Your Block List

Viber has finally included the block feature for the app. It is now possible for you to block contacts you do not wish to communicate with or those that you do not know. Once you block a contact, they cannot reach you on text or call through Viber. You will also be blocked from contacting them. When you unblock a contact, you will not be able to receive the texts or calls made by them to you on Viber. Blocking contacts does not delete chat history.

Sharing Multiple Photos

With older Viber versions, sharing images was a tedious task since you only had to send one image at a time. However, the improved version allows you to share multiple images at a go. You can send and even edit up to ten photos at a time.

The Conversation Gallery

This is a gallery that saves media shared in each conversation. This includes videos, photos and even doodles. This allows you to go back to conversations that you need, from time past.

The Local Sticker Market

Viber offers an ever changing sticker market. The new version comes with special edition stickers available in the local market. In this market, you will get all types of stickers that allow you to convey your message in a nice animated way.

Setting up Viber

Downloading and installing Viber on your Android device is very easy and free. All you have to do is download it from the Android market, enter your mobile number and your username when requested then wait for your account to be setup. You will receive a message on your mobile number and it will automatically detect the activation code in the text message, meaning you do not have to enter the code manually. Once activated, Viber will automatically detect the contacts on your address book that use Viber and will sync the contacts with your Viber account.

Using Viber

Using Viber is quite easy. All you need is internet bundles or connectivity to connect to your Viber audience. All you have to do to use Viber is select the contact you want to communicate with and send a message or make a call.

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