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When it comes to communication apps, the market is awash with options.

With a growing user base of over 200 million users, Viber is one of the many apps working to become the best of the pack.

Viber has a number of things going for it. It is an app that has been praised for its ability to connect people who are miles apart, at a low cost. It is loved by many because it edges most of its competitors out by having a desktop app. Sending messages, making calls and sharing photos is done for free through Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity. This is why it is said to be a cheaper alternative as you are not charged for messaging or making calls.

It is important to note that making calls and sending messages is only free for Viber to-Viber users. You will be charged a small fee for communication with non-Viber users by using the Viber Out feature. This fee is usually less than what your cellphone carrier would charge you. Viber has a better layout than most if its competitors and it can be customized to meet your needs. Viber comes with a push to talk feature that can be used to send out short messages. This can come in handy when you are not in a position to text.

To say the least, Viber is an ideal communication app and the updates being made on it are making it a more viable choice.

How to Download and Use Viber

To get started with Viber, you need to go to your app store and download it. On Android devices, you can download Viber from the Android market and iTunes for iOS devices. The Nokia app store is an ideal place for Nokia handsets. You can also download it from the Viber website.

Once downloaded, you will be taken through a speedy activation process, where your mobile number acts as the registration ID and password. You will receive an activation code through an SMS. Use the activation code to activate your Viber account. In case you encounter an issue with the registration process, you can repeat the process after 24 hours.

How Viber Works

Once activated, Viber will scan your phonebook to find other Viber users, and it will sync the contacts with your Viber contacts. The interface is quite easy to use and has some similarities with that of the iPhone phone app. You can see all your recent calls and messages.

Viber also has a contact tab where you can see contacts with Viber and those without. It is possible to pin contacts into your favorites menu. There is a separate tab for messaging that supports basic texts.

To make a call on Viber, simply select the contact and press the calling button to make the call. It works more or less like the normal calling feature on phones with the main difference being that it uses your internet connection.

The only downside to Viber is the inability to make video calls.

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