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Viber is an app, which allows one to call for free and send messages in one platform.

This app is an easy to use calling and messaging application where one can also use it for sharing voice messages and media with other users of Viber. All that one needs to have is a mobile phone contact number so that he or she is able to use Viber. One thing, which is making Viber a more feasible option to usual SMS service, is that it offers free calling and messaging all day long. Viber makes use of 3G and Wi-Fi connections for transmitting messages and also calls. However, one can only send messages and call other users of Viber.

For making local as well as international calls, Viber can be used all for free. The distance really does not make any difference as long as the sender and the recipient use the app, Viber. And this makes Viber to be one of the best applications when communicating with family and friends who are in other continents or states.

This application can be easily used for different computers, phones, and operating systems. However, it is widely available for different platforms, but its functionality differs in each of the platforms. Mostly, the iOS and Android iOS are the first in lane to receive the updates from Viber. If one wants to make HD calls through Viber, it is possible with Android OS or iOS based app.

To start with installation, this app is easily available and can be installed as a free app from the app store on phone. One needs to have a mobile phone number only as it will be the ID on Viber. For opening an account, one can register after it is installed by following the prompts for completing the process of registration.

The app will sync one’s Viber account automatically with the contacts of other users of Viber from the phonebook. If installed once, one will be able to receive and send calls and texts free with Viber.

Viber can also be used for sharing multimedia files instead of using it only for sending texts and calls. It has a sticker function along with simple graphics, which can be used in place of text messages as emoticons are being used these days. One feature that sets Viber apart from other free text and calling apps is its stickers function along with the emoticons. These stickers are freely available on computers and most of them are chargeable on smartphones but at reasonable rates.

The latest upgrade of Viber is its 4.2 version. This has improved picture sending capabilities. It also allows to send video messages that are longer than before and to create a list for blocked contacts too. This new version has a typing status indicator for desktops and Android. Now users of Blackberry 10 can also make use of Viber app.

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