Viber Download For Best 10 Useful Features With Reasons Why You Should Use This Great Application

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Back in 2010, the Viber application was launched and since then it kept evolving. Currently, Viber has more than 200 million users in all over the world. Here are 10 useful features that come with the Viber application.

1. Deleting messages from a conversation

You’ve got some messages that you don’t want to end up in other people’s “hands”? No problem, because you can delete messages that you got from your friends by tapping long over messages and then select delete. Keep in mind that these messages will be delected only from your phone and not from your friend’s phone – the person who send the messages.

2. Disabling light screen when you receive new messages

Your Android device screen will always light up when you will receive a new message on Viber. However, you can disable this by going to the Viber settings and unselect “Light screen for messages”.

3. Turning off notifications

You don’t want to receive Viber notifications especially if you are at work. To turn off these notifications, go to the application Settings and tap Notifications. In there you will find a lot of notifications that can be enabled and disabled. Turn off the ones that you are not interested in.

You can also disable these notifications directly from your phone by going to Settings->Applications->Viber and unselect “show notifications”.

4. Accessing Conversations in the Gallery

With Viber, you can share photos and videos with your friends, and to access them without having to search through your entire chat history, you’ll find all of them in a gallery. To get there, first enter the room where you shared with your friends lots of pics and videos, swipe to left, choose Conversations Gallery and swipe left/right to view the files.

5. Changing the WiFi Policy

To prevent from going offline, Viber sets WiFi to be active all the time. To change the WiFi Policy, tap on Navicon -> Settings -> General and tap WiFi sleep policy, choosing the right settings.

6. How to hide the online and “seen” status

If you don’t want to be disturbed by your friends, although you’re still using the application, you can disable the online feature by going to Navicon -> Settings-> Privacy and choose to disable the online status. Keep in mind that to turn on and off this option, you’ll have to wait 24 hours. To disable the “seen” status, go to Navicon -> Settings-> Privacy and untick the “seen” status.

7. How to enable Smart notifications

Instead of receiving notifications continuously, turn on the Smart Notifications feature and you’ll get all the messages at once. Go to the chat room, swipe to left and tap Smart Notifications. Very easy!

8. Blocking and unblocking contacts

When some of your contacts annoy you, then you no longer want to hear from them. To block a person, go to the chat room where you discussed with him/her, swipe to left, tap on the top right and choose Block from Navicon.

The decision can be changed later, by going to Navicon -> Settings -> Privacy -> select Unblock from the Block list.

9. Switching between conversations

It’s hard to keep up with more simultaneously conversations. To go from one chat room to another, enter one of them, swipe to left and you’ll notice all the other active conversations. Tap on your friend’s name or the group’s name to get there easily.

10. Doodling on any photo

Bored of your unedited photos? Then edit them! Whenever you receive photos from your friends or you use your phone’s camera to capture an image, you can “doodle” on them to make them more interesting. Go to Navicon -> Doodle on this photo and you’ll have an editor with plenty available options to create a masterpiece. When you’re satisfied with the result, send the picture to your friends.


Why should you use Viber?

As instant messaging for smartphones one of the most users applications were WhatsApp messenger and BlackBerry Messenger and for a long, long time, millions of people have used them and some still are loyal to these services.


Viber is compatible with BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. After you install it, you can already send text messages or make calls for free to all the friends that have installed Viber on their phones. It allows you to chat in groups also.

Sharing your photos

While using Viber, you can share photos that you have in your phone or even take a picture and send it instantly to anyone from your Viber contacts. You can also write a text below each of the pictures and select multiple contacts to send to.

Sharing your location

Viber will use the GPS from your phone to detect your location and share it with your friends. For example if you are lost in the town your friend lives in, you can share your location with him and he can come for you.


Viber, such as most of the application used nowadays has emoticons. You can use them when you write to your friends.

Call log

Viber holds a record of the outgoing and incoming calls from your phone. This way, you will be able to manage calls and see who called you and review your chats.

No contract needed

You don’t need to sign a contract with anyone and you can use this program all over the world as long as you have an internet connection on your phone.

Truly free

This application is free to use and can be found on Google Play or App Store.


Viber is an application that you will most likely want to have it installed on your phone. This way, you will save a lot of money while keeping in touch with your loved ones too.


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