Viber Download And Save Money For Your Texts and Calls

Viber is an amazing chatting application that enables you to send text messages and make calls or even share your photos for free with other users of Viber who has an Internet connection.

This app is now available for PC and Windows 8, also for any iOS device like iPhones, for Android phones, Windous Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and BADA.

Another great thing about this service is that you do not require registering at all. Once it is installed the application registers you using your own phone number, also it merges with your contact list, letting you to connect with your friends. However, with this application you don’t need a special invitation or an alias.

It is a good option for you if you do not want to waste your time with setup, since this is often inconvenience with other services. Many users mention that Viber is perfect app for talking over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G due to the great quality compared to other similar applications. Also, the app is perfect because it synchronizes automatically with your phone and it spears you for the long set up.

At this moment there are over 200 million users of Viber, so there is no deficiency of people to chat in any number in various ways. Many users have admitted that the all installation of Viber takes less than a minute. You just have to allow the app for push-notifications and for the access of your Address book. Then, all you need to continue is to add your phone number which will become your ID. Also you can add in a profile photo and your name, and then connect it to your Facebook for everything to be synchronized.

It is notable that you are able only to make free calls to other users of the VIBER in online mode. If you need to talk with someone who is not a Viber user, then you will pay a small fee. One of the things that many people who use Viber really enjoy is the emoticons. These have a lot of animation, and even more than other apps and more standard emoticons.

It is so simple to record a video or to take photos right through the application and you can also share your location if you desire as well. In addition, Viber has an amazing huge capacity to form group chat at 40 users that is noticeably more than many other applications.

The call quality is very clear as long as you are using the application with a strong Internet connection and with other people who use Viber. The messages go perfectly with considerably speed likewise.

However, other great thing of the app is that you can send stickers in messages to you firends which are more like the emoticons.


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