Viber and WhatsApp Download Updates For Better Performance

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Software has distinct set and functions. The operating system manages all your application, but it won’t run completely without some other programs which support the OS and are designed especially for it.

Recently it was released a new update of all the rage VIBER application for iOS and Android VOIP. The latest update for the app introduces a wide range of features like: an advance sticker menu, the ability to re-order stickers, an easy way to create groups and easier way to chat with friends due to the integration of the app with your phone address book.

VIBER is one of the most notorious phone applications for chatting and instant messaging in the entire world, besides other two popular apps like Skype and WhatsApp. By now Skype has been ruling every Windows devices, but VIBER has the chance to overtake with the recently released new version for Windows 8. Now, you can download VIBER on any devices than run on Windows 8 and it can also be used on PCs with the Microsoft’s latest operating system.

VIBER is in continuously expanding and reaching, becoming the most popular communication application it also pursues to reach on many other platforms. By this time VIBER is available for devices than runs on iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Linux, Symbian, Windows and many others. We like to say that VIBER is a wonderful hybrid between the other two popular communication apps (Skype and WhatsApp) because it is a free messaging app that has also a voice over IP service.

VIBER OUT feature enables its users to make VOIP calls for a reasonable cost. It actually allows the user to call any phone number without the other person having installed VIBER app. Similar to Skype; this service has a low cost of a few cents/minute decided by the area of residence. Though it is better that both who want to chat to have VIBER installed because it is totally free to use. The latest update has enhanced the software to support video messages, unlimited photos to share and hands free support via Bluetooth.

With the new update, Viber Out, the application pursues to reach as many users as it could. Those that receive calls from users of VIBER app will be certainly impressed by the audio quality of and the reasonable fees.

With the new Windows 8 support and Nokia releasing outstanding smartphones, the VIBER app will surely expand on the market. Now that WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook, many users are moving to Viber, for an alternative choice, and the optimistic application aims to deliver.

You can download VIBER from Google Play Store of iOS App Store to see for yourself what the amazing VIBER actually provides, unless you already have the app installed and you fully enjoy it.


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