Tricks and Cheats For Achieving High Score in Temple Run 2

Imangi Studio’s Temple Run was a rage among people.

You must have seen people in metros, buses and in other public transport playing Temple Run. Temple Run 2 is equally famous. More than 5 million people have downloaded it from different app stores in the past one year. Like always, we are here to tell you about the cheats and the tricks to be a great player and boast about your prowess in the game to your friends, or on Facebook.

  1. Getting Gems

Temple Run 2 is comparatively an easy game. All you need to do is control the character from bumping into obstacles or from falling off the bridge. As the game advances, the character starts acquiring speed. With the increasing speed, the control turns difficult and probability of bumping into something increases. The only thing which can save you after the bumping disaster is a Gem. So, collect as much as you can and run more efficiently.

  1. Upgrade your Powers

The magnet, the shield and the coin value are subjected to levels. As you start earning coins, you can use them for updating the levels of all these powers. When you upgrade the powers, you allow yourself to use them for a longer time. 30 seconds is the maximum amount of time you can use any power for.

  1. Keeping the Mine Cart Tilted

Keeping the Mine Cart Titled towards right has always helped people in surviving the tunnel zone. You can leap out of the tunnel easily by titling the cart towards the right side and changing directions whenever required. The tunnel zone has got loads of coins and powers to grab, so make sure you survive till the end and create a high score.

  1. Some Free Gems and Powers

It is always good to be informed and prepared. You can always grab some free gems and powers. All you need to do is go to the ‘Free’ section of the app and avail some gems and requisite powers for free. You need to make sure that you have the requisite powers for making a high score. You can never make a high score without making proper use of these powers and gems. So grab on to everything that is coming your way for free.

  1. Cheat for Temple Run 2

In this obnoxious world nothing comes for free. In order to access the cheat codes of Temple Run 2, you will have to purchase the Cheat Apps and install it on your Android device. The cheat patch allows you to use the character “Usain Bolt’ which happens to be the fastest character on the planet earth.

Cheat patches are good if you are very strong with Temple Run 2 but at times it takes away the fun of playing this game by removing all the difficulties of the game.

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