Top 5 iPad Apps 2014

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If you own an iPad Air or the new iPad Mini, you might need to start downloading the best iPad apps for 2014.

There are a lot of apps for your iPad. These apps can also be used as upgrades for the iPad 4 or an older iPad version.

The apps available for Apple devices are what set these devices apart, from their competition. There are more apps available for the iPad than there are for any other tablet in the market. So, which are the most ideal iPad apps for 2014?

The 1Password App   

Even though Apple iOS 7 came with the iCloud keychain for secure storage of payment info and passwords, this app is by far a much more powerful tool. This is because it has the ability to secure notes, hold identities, network information and even license details on top of securing passwords. This app also makes it possible to access your stores information on other devices – not necessarily Apple devices. It also has a built browser that can be used to make purchases.

This app is available for $17.99.

The Adobe Photoshop Touch App

This is an ambitious application that outdoes its desktop counterpart. While this app might not fully replicate the whole Photoshop experience, it comes pretty close. This app comes with a wide range of tools such as adjustments, layers as well as filters. Also, it has the ability to Photoshop images of 12MP.

This application is available for download at $9.99.

Air Video HD App

If there is something you cannot have enough of, in any iPad, is the amount of space you need to store all your stuff. This forces you to constantly delete your videos to free up space for more videos. You no longer have to go through this with this app. This application allows you to stream videos from your Mac or PC as it auto encodes. It supports offline viewing, Apple TV airplay and soft subtitles.

You can download this app for $2.99.

Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint

This year, Microsoft introduced productivity tools that are giving serious competition to the Google and Apple alternatives. Microsoft’s work on your iPad offers layout editing, word processing and imagery. This allows you to work on your presentation, directly from your iPad.  If you are the kind of person who cannot do without Microsoft apps, then this app is for you.

You can download it at $10.00 per month.


This is a new app from Foursquare that is taking the crown from the check-in feature which makes Foursquare solely for reviews and venue recommendations. Perhaps the greatest addition Swarm brings to Foursquare is the planning feature. It now allows you to indicate which events you are attending in the near future. You can also ping your close friends to see if they may be available for the event. Mayorships are now relatives in friends’ groups with check-ins and badges remaining relatively of the same.

It is amazing how Foursquare has gone all out in redefining itself. Currently, the Swarm app is available for iOS devices.

This app is available as a free download.



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