Titanfall: Top Maps Handpicked from the Game

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Titanfall, developed by the makers, who are behind the much successful action game franchise, Call of Duty, has grabbed the attention of many people who are ardent gamers and action game fans.

Titanfall is a multi player action shooting game in which the players handle mechanized robots in their war against unknown and extraterrestrial forces. Now that the game has been well received by the audience, some maps of the game are much more loved than the rest.


This is a specially designed map which is based in a village like community, having low rooftops and small buildings, unlike most of the other maps in the game. The map is perfect for fast action and quick movements and there are a lot of places to hide and dodge. The map is essentially pilot friendly as even the low rooftops are easily accessible. The best place in the map is the Town Hall and the tower behind it, which provides a good vantage point, but can prove to be fatal if over used for long.

Smuggler’s Cove

This is a Titanfall map, custom built for pirates and arm traders and is full of bridges and wall running opportunities. Here, both the pilot and the Titan have an equal opportunity to direct their fire towards each other, as the terrain supports both. The map has the Market Bridge as a landmark and in order to experience the best of Smuggler’s Cove, you should try to capture and control this landmark site from the Hardpoint Domination.


This is a really unique map within Titanfall, which presents huge wall running opportunities to the Pilots. The map gives a feel of abandonment and solitary game play, as it is replete with long corridors and desert paths, where players have to search and wander quite a lot. The map does not have any landmarks or important points, but the large range of the map makes up for this lack and this factor is also what distinguishes it from other maps of the game. The Pilots can travel through buildings, and with some strategy, they can even avoid walking on the ground.


This is indeed one of the best maps of the game Titanfall. With a setting that will remind you of some ancient remains, the map brings forth projecting rock and mountainous features set in a desert ecosystem, replete with all the huge Leviathan creatures which are lurking here and there, many of which will appear in your path occasionally. They can be shot and points can be earned thus. However, the real fun is not in the number of landmarks which are scattered throughout the map, but in the view of the map, and the skeletons of Leviathans scattered about. The use of Capture the flag or Hardpoint Dominations can really give a good gaming experience in this terrain.

These are some of the unique and much loved maps of this game Titanfall. Many more maps promise fun and excitement. However, for the complete experience of maps in Titanfall, one must play the game firsthand.

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