Titanfall – Third Map Pack Arriving this Fall

For all the mistakes that EA made with Titanfall, it has made sure that fans get a lot of great goodies to atone for them.

When Titanfall first came out, it was laden with bugs, and kept crashing, eliciting very strong and bitter response from the gaming community as a whole. However, with the continuous release of DLCs and exclusive extension packs, Titanfall has more than made up for all the pain that it gave to its fans.

Titanfall Map Packs – First Release

Till now, Titanfall has received two individual map packs featuring three new maps each. The first DLC pack, known as Expedition, was launched earlier this year in May for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. It had three maps. The first, Swampland, is located in the ruins of what seems to be alien archaic technology. It included dense foliage for wall running. The second map was called the Runoff, and it included a lot of water in its terrain. The third map, was based on the training simulator within the game, and looked very intense. It was called War Games.

Titanfall Map Packs – Second Release

The second map pack released for Titanfall was known as Frontier’s Edge and Expedition. This pack contained another set of three maps. The first one was aptly named Dig Site, as it is a mining outpost, discernibly abandoned and isolated, a smaller mountainside mining site called Export which has a lot of differential terrain for interesting skirmishes, and an untouched beach resort named Haven, which takes off from the routine maps seen in Titanfall. All of these maps have given excellent content to the players, who now find new areas to explore and enjoy.

Titanfall Map Packs – Third Upcoming Pack

Recently, during EA’s press conference, Titanfall’s community manager Abbie Heppe confirmed the rumors of a third DLC release. As with the other map packs that EA released earlier this year, this upcoming DLC, the details of which are yet to be disclosed, will contain three completely new maps. Frontier’s Edge, the last map pack to be released, was a step away from what we have usually seen so far in Titanfall. So it is hoped that the upcoming DLC will also bring something new and interesting with it. According to Heppe, who confirmed the reports of an upcoming DLC, Titanfall fans can expect a lot more interesting content from EA. The developers have only just begun exploring the Titanfall universe, and a lot more exciting content will be delivered eventually. The speed at which the DLCs are coming is certainly commendable. It almost feels as if Titanfall has EA’s focused attention and EA is serious about making it one of its most profit making titles. So far, Titanfall has not really disappointed. After the bugs were fixed and updates were launched, it turned out that Titanfall was a standalone title, capable of being a crowd puller. Let’s just hope that the upcoming DLC will match everyone’s expectations and that Titanfall does eventually end up being one of the biggest money makers for EA.

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