Titanfall Brings 16 Player Traditional Mode without Titans

How do you play Titanfall without the Titans?

Sounds absurd right? But, it looks like some players wanted a mode where they could actually go against their friends without using these monster mechs. In other words, it’s going to be a game of first person shooter with exosuits. Sounds really familiar, isn’t it? If you find it to be similar to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, you are not alone! Respawn Entertainment, developers of Titanfall has decided to provide an all new mode where players can get rid of the huge machines and simply focus on shooting each other.

Pilot Skirmish Mode

The sixth major update for Titanfall on PC and Xbox will bring a whole lot of interesting new features among which players will find the Pilot Skirmish Mode. The announcement was made officially in the game’s website where the game developers Respawn also shared more information about this new mode. It will pit eight versus eight players against each other in the maps that are already available in the game. But, it will be completely empty without any NPCs and Titans. For the first time, the game is going to encourage players to compete against real players rather than filling them up with so many dumb bots.

When it was originally released, the game development team said that such a design has been adapted so as to favor new players who are learning the first person shooter genre. It didn’t prove as great as they imagined because NPCs are more of a hurdle than an actual challenge but they can be used to level up quickly by acquiring points. Usually the game allows only 12 player matches but the 16 player match will be a unique addition.

New Features Incoming

With the sixth update for Titanfall, players will be able to get access to a whole lot of unique features. The Marked for Death game mode which was introduced as a rotation mode has now been confirmed to become a permanent part of the game. The mode was so popular that the game developers couldn’t rotate it as planned earlier and have decided to keep it for players to enjoy. For Titan pilots who are color blind, the game now provides three different options namely protanopia, deuteranopia and tritaopia. All these changes will have a strong impact on the crosshair, names and IFF glows for players to easily identify enemies. Another piece of update that’s interesting is, the team has removed the penalty for late joiners. You can join a game halfway after the game starts and in case you join the losing team at this point, you will not lose points for being with them.

Titanfall’s sixth update will bring better matchmaking which balances the team better, reduces the issues of being pushed into full games and will also avoid lopsided matches, which sometimes pitches three players against six. With all the improvements, the game is expected to be more fun and it is to be seen how well players embrace the new Titanless mode.


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