Tips for Building a High Score in Subway Surfers

When people are not working, they are playing Subway Surfers.

Everyone with a smartphone must have played Subway Surfers one time at least. But all of them have yet not mastered it and for all such people we bring a set of tips and tricks to play the game with the motto ‘run as fast and as far as you can’.

  1. Focus on Coins

Coins play the most important role. They keep you in the game; you can use them for buying powers so that you can run efficiently for a longer period of time. The best way of earning coins is looking for a Jetpack. Jetpack leverages you with a pool of coins. You can also rely on the mystery box for a heavy set of free coins. These mystery boxes are known to have a set of 250 coins to 5000 coins.

  1. Be on Top

The simple formula of creating a high score every time you play this game is running on top. When you are running on the top of trains, you can see the upcoming barriers, trains, power-ups and you can drift in air accordingly. You will also find a hell lot of coins located on the top of trains.

  1. Hoverboards are Lifesavers

Hoverboards, they cost you 300 coins, but they save your life. You need to rely on hoverboards if you are planning to build a high score. Hoverboard allows you to bump into trains and barriers without losing your life; you can start from the same point and make a high score.

  1. Understand the Powers

Power ups provided in subway surfers are meant to add energy and charisma to your performance. Try and test all the power-ups. Learn their usages and master them with time. The combo of hoverboard, sneaker and magnet is the most deadly combination. When these powers are active, you are safe from dying and you can collect a hell lot of points.

  1. Multiplier is the Real Key

A multiplier now and then just doubles your points. The multiplier will play a crucial role in helping you create a high score. You cannot buy this power from the shop. You will have to earn it during the game. The secret about multiplier is it will last for a maximum of 30 seconds. It can be availed various times in a single run.

  1. The Daily Challenges

They are indirectly related to your high score building goal. You can go behind these challenges and earn a huge set of coins. These challenges are very innocuous and can be completed with ease and grace. The reward they provide is purely coins, which can be used for buying power-ups for running more efficiently.

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