The Sims 4 vs GTA 5

When one mentions The Sims 4, a comparison with GTA 5 is almost inevitable.

Both the games, the Sims as well as the GTA are both games/simulators that are wish fulfilling which allow you to perform experiments with the regulations and rules of social conduct for your entertainment and amusement. The Sims is different from the GTA as it excludes the aesthetics of the criminal minded characters of GTA which is meant for the even more mundane trappings of daily life. This gives the players a chance to experiment with very different consequences which apparent inconsequential decisions can carry out. Going about punching people on the face in the GTA 3 gives the player an amazing freedom and feeling of empowerment but in Sims, it can be detrimental to your Sims life if you do not let it visit the bathroom often enough or set it on fire over a friendly barbeque.

But just like any other ‘top of the league’ list, there is got to be just one at the top. So which one of them (Sims or GTA) shall be crowned King in the world of video gaming. What does the gamer like? Domesticated bliss or the hard core thug life? Let’s look into some insights that will help you pick:

The Sims

Most gamers overlook this crucial aspect of this gameplay – consequence. Gaming analysts make a lot of noise regarding gameplay mechanics, online functionality, graphics – the unsung hero of all features is the feedback that the gaming world gives in return to the player based on the input by the gamers. A lot of games allow linear experiences, static where the gamer is guided through a pre-scripted route where the outcome is already determined.

When Sims was initially released in the year 2000, the game gave one an experience which is entirely built just on consequence. Maxis and Will Wright worked way too hard to plan for a large number of outcomes for offering choice to the player. This variety of choice did not exist in any other game at that time. The Sims turned from a game medium to an actual expressive medium and not just a didactic trip that took you through an authored plot.

The Sims typically broke all macho kind of aesthetics and gave the player a revolutionary experience which had its roots in routine life-choices and the consequences of those life choices. The gamer is required to be constructive in the gameplay. They can make and inhabit their very own aesthetic worlds instead of being pushed into another’s historic warzone or a sci-fi avatar. The humungous success of Sims is due to the fact that it attempts to appeal to just about anyone’s aesthetics and gives support as much a range of player choice that can be possible.

Comparison with GTA

Games like GTA are gives great amount of credit for having a gameplay that is “open world”. When this is compared to Sims though, it gives a formulaic kind of experience. The more conventional level progression is decentralized in GTA and it is sprinkled across a huge Zelda like world.. the core gameplay is still trapped in the typical male centric gaming which that is  action packed. It’s pretty typical of the bad guy gangster games – Go to point X, murder character A and his men, unlock yet another area which you get as a reward for completing the task. GTA also provides enough distractions with busy work, mini-jobs, hiring henchmen etc. Then there is the metagame which lets you see how high you score in the ‘wanted’ meter before getting arrested by the cops. The latest version GTA4 is celebrated since the characters react to the behaviour of Niko. This is not very noteworthy, since Sims achieved the same in 2000.

For gamers who would rather deal with real world like mundane choices only when it is thrust upon them later, GTA is a natural choice where the rules are made to be broken!

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