The Sims 4 – The Best Game Ever

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The Sims 4 is all about emotions that are being simulated by real-life characters, but in a video game.

Maxis and EA have done a good job of making this possible giving the Sims games the much-needed improvement. The new Sims 4 trailer has an awesome look and does a good job at portraying emotions and the characters can do just about anything.

One unique factor about the Sims 4 characters is that they actually react to all things that are taking place all around them. For example, they can get annoyed or feel loved.

You are the one who controls everything the Sim does as well as the events taking place around you. The Sims trailer is quite short and only runs for about one minute. In that one minute, everything about that game is conveyed including the fact that your characters will be able to show their emotions physically.

This is yet another great milestone by Maxis in this real-life game simulator. The Sims currently has millions of global users. Based on the Sims 4 trailer, you can see that Maxis has made good use of modern PC hardware.

Control the Sims Flings

According to Electronic Arts, the Sims 4 power to control character feelings is a very powerful tool. This tool gives players the ability to co-ordinate and control a character’s every move. When properly used, it can help players build skills faster, progress rapidly, have complete control, and even get new rewards. In older games, a player was supposed to put more focus on getting a partner, upgrading their homes, and getting more earnings. This new version makes it possible for players to be as human as they can possibly be.

It is no longer about numbers and statistics, but more about personalities. A character who has definitive career goals and is aggressive will not easily give up until they get what they want. This is, however, not the case when it comes to a flirty character whose goal is to woo every girl he wants. One of the biggest challenges that come with this game is that the characters get annoyed if you do not know how to behave with them when on a date. This gives the Sims 4 an unexpected type of realism.

Lookout for Toddlers

Sims players were worried that their legacies would be forgotten since there are no other generations to carry it along. In reply to this, a Maxis producer said that they are considering this factor and know that toddlers do matter a lot in the game. However, not much can be revealed at the moment about toddlers. There are other players who are also questioning whether swimming pools and toddlers in Sims 4 were excluded to create room for other things such as the emotions.

The Sims 4 is set to be released on 2nd September 2014. The creators said that the delay in its release was caused by the development process, which will supposedly make the Sims 4 the best game ever.


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