The Sims 4 – More Fun Customizing your Sims

The Sims 4 is aimed at taking the series back to some of the basics and will focus on the Sims.

The game originally began with a title aimed at house building, but started focusing on the Sims stories.

What’s New – New Quick Create Tools

One of the new additions in The Sims 4 are the tools related to Create a Sim. These tools have been totally reinvented. Players don’t need to use the troublesome slider bars for adjusting Sims and can now access customization features merely by dragging the various parts of the body. It is now much easier to create your Sim using the new Sim tools.

Dragging Technique

This is done by just clicking and dragging the mouse on various parts of the Sims body. Players can now have fun making different Sims versions of themselves or their friends with the quick Create tools. There are many heads that are already pre made for selection. Apart from these, you can customize the heads by adjusting cheekbones, making the eyes bigger or by making the nose less pointy. Players can also make changes to other parts of the body, by adding abs or creating a beer belly, making the arms or the legs thinner and doing much more.

The dragging technique can be a little difficult for beginners, especially when creating tricky parts around the eyes. However, you can get used to the technique with some practice when you create a Sim in The Sims 4.

Clothing Combinations

The Sims 4 now has plenty of clothes combinations. Players have to simply click on one clothing item that the Sim is already wearing. This brings up a menu in a semi circle. You can select different items of casual wear or night wears, sportswear or dress your Sim up in formal outfits as well. The ‘Create a Style’ tools are no more available, but you can choose different colors for the clothing.

Personality Traits

After you have selected the clothing of your Sim, you can add a specific personality with different personality characteristics. Every Sim comes with three personality characteristics. A fourth trait is offered after selecting the Life Aspiration. Next, you can give them a walk style, with various styles available for selecting. Add a voice to their personality, with three different voices offered in The Sims 4, which you can make either low pitched or high pitched.

The personality, walk style and the aspiration that you pick up for your Sim can affect the Sim’s decisions and movements. It offers some real life-like characters and you can see these choices affecting the gameplay significantly.

Live Mode

In the Live Mode, you can view your Sims mood and emotions. The Sim’s face can be seen in the left hand corner and this contains an emotion and a related backdrop with a facial expression. The moods are totally reactive and can alter in accordance with the way you interact with the other Sims and also the world surrounding them. If you engage with a playful Sim, he will interact with others and his mood ranges from happy to playful. You can easily make him move to the inspired state and get more perks for your Sims, for instance helping him build skills faster.

More Fleshed Out

What is particularly pleasing about The Sims 4 is that they are more fleshed out. In addition, the user interface has become more refined. When you are out of the Create a Sim, the information given to you is very discrete and tasteful. All windows are hidden but can be expanded and brought up whenever the player needs the, such as skills, job stats and needs windows.

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