The Sims 4 Early Access Blocked By EA

The Sims 4 is one of the most wanted games of recent times, especially considering that it is coming out after a long break, but it looks like EA wants to make sure they don’t lose on revenue because of negative reviews.

The company has decided to block any players from gaining early access to the title, which is the chief source of reviews that get published on the internet way before the game gets released. The information was revealed by a renowned news editor named Dan Stapleton who writes for multiple gaming magazines and websites on his Twitter account.

He said that there will be no Sims 4 reviews coming out until the game finds its way to the retail because EA is not going to give out early access ahead of release. In his own tweet, he added that he feels really nervous because blocking a game from being reviewed is not a professional way to go about it. Most fans reacted to this news in a negative manner because they opined that it is for them to decide whether the game is good or bad. Trying to block reviews and word of mouth so as to increase pre-orders for a title is a cheap trick that has made Electronic Arts one of the detested companies one more time. They already earned some bad rap, actually a lot of it, for their incomplete game Battlefield 4 that got released with a whole lot of bugs and issues.

Missing Features

EA made a mistake with The Sims 4 by removing the option to construct swimming pools and allow toddlers in the game. While this may sound trivial, long-time fans were annoyed with the news and wanted to know why they wouldn’t add it. The game developers at Maxis clarified their stand saying that it is not as simple as digging a pit and adding water to it because the virtual characters should be able to climb in or out of there that adds a whole new level of elevation to it.

Now, by blocking early access and thereby keeping players in the dark until the full version of the game gets released, looks like a cheap gimmick that they want to thrust onto players. On the other hand, the company is trying to make sure that the incidents related to their Sim City game don’t repeat themselves. The game had good early access reviews but when it was actually launched, everything went berserk because most players couldn’t go online due to jammed servers. It took months for the company to come up with a fix that allowed people to play without being connected to the servers.

Losing Ground

The company EA is losing ground not only with The Sims 4 but also with titles like Battlefield 4 and Titanfall. They are now better known for their annoying game releases rather than quality titles as they used to do in the past. Let’s hope they fix all the problems and deliver the new Sims game in the right manner.

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