The Sims 4 – Adding Pools and Toddlers is not easy

A large number of fans have been increasingly complaining about the missing features in the game, the toddlers and the swimming pools.

The company is now trying to justify that they didn’t remove these features for no reason because adding them will take up their time, which could be better utilized in bringing more exciting features to it. However, from a gamer’s perspective, it is just water. Adding a swimming pool shouldn’t be that difficult, right? That is what the majority of the gaming population believe but producer Graham Nardone clarified that there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye.

He clearly clarified in detail that the gaming engine was not designed to allow the virtual sims to easily climb in or out of a dig as they used to do in the past. In order to implement new things, they had to overhaul the entire game engine that has allowed them to perform new actions, emotions, interact with more realism but at the same time has robbed the sims of their ability to get into a swimming pools. It does sound crazy but that’s what it is.

Digging a Pool

After all, how long does it take to dig into the ground, add some water into it and let the sim jump in or jump out? “If it’s as easy as you think it is, we would have definitely done it right?” he questions us back. “From a perspective, it looks really easy and very simple to accomplish when you think of something as a swimming pool upfront. The idea is to create a square box in the map, put a shader on top of the surface and have the sims jump in,” Graham said. The concept is very easy to listen to but he clarifies that there is so much complexity involved in it with the technology surrounding it and we do have to build a lot of new stuff to support this.

“We do have to think about how to dig the pool and make it work as it should. We have to think about on ways to cut down the terrain and the sims should move around it without any hassles. There is also this factor of making sure the sims going through a portal of different swimming pools. A lot of things are going on in the background than what you could possibly think before you actually see the sim swimming in the pool,” he adds. The game now uses the Glassbox engine or something similar to it which has significantly improved the graphics, the emotions, build mode and variety of other features in the game but there are some shortcoming sit seems.

Paid Pools

With the absence of these features in The Sims 4, it also brings the question to the forefront whether they would end up charging players for addition of pools, toddlers as well as other features or not. They are already planning to introduce a premium subscription pack but there is no news on add-ons being sold at the moment.


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