The Real Story Behind Angry Birds – How Did It All Begin?

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Angry birds is a game that will test your patience and push you to the edge.

The little wingless birds have taken the world by storm and since December 2009 it has left players with a lot of sleepless nights. After its release, players have downloaded the game more than 12 million times on iOS App Store alone. With that being said, the Finnish developers have made the game available on multiple mobile phone platforms such as: Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian.

Where Did it All Begin?

In 2009, Jaakko Iisalo, senior designer at Rovio, presented a screenshot of legless and wingless pigs that had angry facial expressions. The other members of the staff loved the birds, but still had no idea about the story behind them. Without any doubts, the staff accepted the task at hand and started developing the game. Soon, they realized that they need enemies for their birds. In 2009, the world faced with the “swine” flu epidemic and it was all over the news, so the pigs were made enemies. Angry Birds is the 52nd game of Rovio and it hit first place in 6 months, but stayed there a lot longer than that. After their success on iOS, they decided to make the game available on multiple platforms but stumbled to quite a few problems due to the bigger number of software versions, hardware and even user interfaces. Nonetheless, they’ve overcome those obstacles and Angry birds is still one of the best games for mobile phones. Since then, a lot more episodes of the game were released all featuring a different number of levels and hardness.


The hungry green pigs are out there for rescue and it’s your job to lead the multi-colored birds to retrieve them. This is not as easy as you think. The pigs have fortified themselves in different structures in every level. Your mission is to catapult the birds with a slingshot to eliminate the enemy pigs. You can eliminate them by collapsing the buildings near them or with a direct hit. Among the way, you will find objects that will help you in your mission like TNT crates, rocks and some power-ups. In addition, there are multiple types of birds, each with a special ability. During the lower levels, the only one that’s available is the red bird. As you advance, the other birds will be unlocked. Some of their abilities can be activated mid-flight. The blue bird separates into three smaller ones. The black bird explodes. The yellow speeds up. The white drops an egg missile. The pigs don’t come in different colors, but they do in different sizes. Smaller ones are easier to eliminate, while the bigger ones require more effort. This would’ve been simpler if they weren’t equipped with armors and put in tight spots.

At the beginning of every level, the number of pigs and birds is definite. If you kill all the pigs with an amount of birds less or equal to the number of birds you’re given at the beginning, the next level unlocks. Otherwise, you lose.

Do You Need to Download This Game?

Angry birds is a game you must have on your device. This game is packed with action and fun. If you have it on your phone, you will want to take a charger with you everywhere you go. The game is full with personality and is very addictive. This one is a must-have for people who want to kill some boredom.

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