The Crew Shows Off Games Modes in New Trailer

Ubisoft’s The Crew is going to feature a whole lot of game modes and majority of them were revealed in the latest game play trailer.

The open world racing game is taking a new route for the first time, by going massively multiplayer, but without losing the essence of the genre. The developers have spent a long time in recreating each and every city from the United States of America.

They proudly call it the biggest ever playground for racing lovers and it ideally reflects in the video as well. Gamers will have the choice of game play modes to select from, including, Scavenging, Pursuit, Escape, Hill Climb and Take Down. Each one of them is unique in their own style and will be offering a completely different experience to players within a single game.

Game Modes – Scavenge and Pursuit

Scavenge looks like a mode in The Crew that asks players to collect a lot of items available in the map which could later be used to buy upgrades, make your car more powerful and maybe sold for money in the market. It is not completely clear from the video because what we could see was a buggy collecting some items and boxes. We assume it would be added to your inventory automatically as you hit them. Pursuit is another mode which is set in the urban streets of Chicago where you will be chasing to catch up with other players solo or as a team.

The objectives and goals of these game modes haven’t been explained in detail. People who had the chance the play the beta that took place earlier, might know more information but they were not revealed to the media. The upcoming beta doesn’t have an NDA attached to it. So, it is given that there will a lot of new information related to The Crew coming out in a couple of weeks.

Escape and Hill Climb

Without a doubt, Escape is going to be a great addition to the game where your objective is to escape from the cops. Similar to Need for Speed which is known for its addictive cop chases, The Crew will allow you to engage in illegal activities and when you do so, you will be pursued by cops. The difficult part here is that all the police cars will be driven by real people unlike dumb AIs and should be much more complex than those you have witnessed in other games. Tagging with your crew to escape the assault should help. Hill Climb is similar to Carbon in Need for Speed where you climb a steep cliff racing against opponents and may require a lot of drifting to cut tight curves.

Last but not least, The Crew features a Take Down that will encompass a lot of spectacular slamming. If you have ever played Destruction Derby or the latest Dirt 3 Showdown, this should be fairly familiar to you. At high speeds, when you slam into an opponent corner they might lose grip and jump over the cliff or meet with deadly crashes. The Crew beta commences August 25.

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