Tango – It Takes Two to Tango

Tango is another application that is very appropriately named, as it enables two users to have a video chat or audio chat with each other.

Tango is a cross platform application and enables iOS and Android users to chat with each other. When it was first released, the app enabled communication only between Android users and iOS users. However, now the compatibility has been extended to Windows phones and also to PCs and laptops.

Easy Set Up

It is easy to set up Tango on your mobile device. All you need to do is to go to the App store on your device and download the latest version. You can then create your account and start making calls within a matter of seconds. Users can also have their name and their email address displayed on their profile if they wish. The user interface is the same for the iOS and Android devices. You can see icons for contacts, settings and for invites. Users can also opt for the app to search the address book of the phone and automatically fill the contact list with those using the application.

Pros of Tango

There are certain benefits or advantages that Tango enjoys over the competition. For instance, Tango works very effectively on any connection that you have, such as Wi-Fi, or 3G or 4G. This is very convenient, as you may not always have a Wi-Fi connection in the area. In addition, Tango offers free calls to phones over 3G, so you don’t need to make paid calls as in some other services like Skype.

Functionality is a Breeze

It is easy to set up and start the Tango application. Once it is installed on your device, you can automatically scan your list of contacts to see which of them have Tango installed on their phones. If you are interested in contacting some friend or family member through Tango, you can invite them through a text message or by email. It is easy to make video or audio calls to those having the application, by merely clicking on the contact and selecting the type of call that you would like to make. While making the call, you can also seamlessly switch from a video call to an audio one without any lag or break.

Call Quality

Video and audio qualities on the application are quite good, if both the parties are using a good Wi-Fi connection. Voice only calls are quite stable and the quality is quite decent, though not comparable to Skype. One big advantage in Tango is that users can easily switch from an audio call to a video call at any moment during the conversation. This feature can be very useful when experiencing a weak connection when the video call is not going on too smoothly.


If you are wondering whether you should Tango or not, it must be remembered that the application does not offer any other additional features. There is no integration with social networking sites and there is no support for instant messaging either. It is merely a VoIP service offering audio and video calls between iOS and Android devices.

However, this does not mean that it has no merits at all. Video calls are pretty smooth when both the parties have a good connection. The interface is so simple that even newcomers to the smartphone field will find it easy to use without much problem. It is a simple application and is easy to use offering a wide range of support. However, the call quality is lower than most of the competition in the field.

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