Tango – Does it have what it Takes?

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Tango is one of the video chat apps that can be downloaded on mobile phones.

Tango offers support for Android and iOS devices as well as iPhone and the iPod Touch, Windows phones and for desktops, offering greater compatibility when compared to other chat apps. So lets see whether it has what it takes to stand against the competition. The application presently has more than 160 million registered users.


Though it takes two to Tango, the app enables calling of a maximum of 50 people at a time. Tango is a messaging app that is very popular among teenagers. It comes with many features and can be considered as an all in one app for social networking. You can make video calls and also text chat with other contacts. Users can also share pictures or videos and music and play games.

Multi Platform

Tango offers multi platform features, so you can use it with your friends who are on different platforms. For instance, if your friends use an Apple device and you have an Android device, you can still go ahead and communicate using Tango, as both can download the app on their devices. This enables users to communicate with others, regardless of their OS, through voice, text and video. Group chatting and calling is another attractive feature that teenagers can enjoy.

Games and Music Features

When having a video chat with a friend, users can also send cute animations or play games while they are chatting. They can also share music with the use of Spotify inside the app. The application also offers some interesting filters for improving the photographs that you send. In addition, there are some cool effects that you can use for a video chat. Adults can use the basic features for texting, whereas teens can hangout with their friends using the app and its fun filled features.

Privacy Concerns

The Tango profile is public by default. It also comes with a feature for finding friends nearby. This makes use of the location services for finding friends and other Tango users near you. However, users can set their profile at Private and also have the option of turning off the location services on the device, in case they don’t want to use these features. This will offer them greater privacy. Parents who want such privacy settings for their young children can ensure that these settings are put in place, so that random people will not be able to find their profiles.

In addition, there is also a search box that enables the user to change his location. For instance, the user can tell Tango his or her location through this search box or even mark their location on the map. The app makes use of this feature to search for other users in that area or location. Some of the features of the profile will always be public, such as the username and the profile picture, just as it is with all other apps and social networking sites. It is important to ensure that your teens do not divulge any personal information. There are places where users can add their birthday an their gender, but it is not compulsory and can be left blank, as you cannot remove the information once you have added it.

Popular People Feature

The Popular People is another feature in Tango, which allows access to profiles of some people. It consists of many young men and women, but there are filters that you can use. For instance, you can set the filter for seeing only men or only women. All the profiles are public and users can click through these profiles and view the selfies that are posted by them.

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