Talkatone – Phone Calls and Texting using Google Voice

In order to use Talkatone, you need to have iTunes installed along with an active account with iTunes, for downloading and installing the app.

Many people have given up making calls through their landline phones and prefer to make free calls from their smartphones. Talkatone offers unlimited hours of free talk time for calls and texting. It makes use of Google Voice for making calls, so you need to be logged in to your Google Account.

Simple Interface

Talkatone comes with a very simple interface that is very familiar to users. It has the usual Keypad and contacts along with Recents and your Favorites menu. You can also adjust call quality and opt for network preferences. The app comes with some advertisements at the bottom of the screen; so you should be careful not to tap on it. You can hide the ads in the Settings, but you need to make a payment for this upgrade.

For Google Voice Users

Talkatone is a great app for Google Voice users. It is easy and quick to set up and users can make or receive phone calls without any form of payment with the use of their Google Voice number, either through a Wi-Fi connection or over a 3G connection. It is slightly different from using Google Voice, as the application only borrows the number of your Google Voice. It does not make use of the call minutes. It enables free calling by making use of the free calling service through Google Chat and through Gmail. Talkatone makes it seem as if the user is making calls through the Gmail app on the desktop, whereas the user actually makes calls using the phone’s data connection. It offers a great way to make calls from your phone when you don’t have a mobile service or when you don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also different from Google Voice, as the latter also lets you make calls but it costs you mobile or cell minutes.

How to Enable Talkatone

You need to initially go to the settings on Google Voice and check the box for forwarding the calls to Google Chat. If you check the mobile box as well, the calls will reach your mobile device as well as the desktop.

Easy Setup

You must first download the Talkatone application from the App Store on your phone and then tap the icon in order to open it. As the application makes use of Google services for making calls and for sending text, you have to sign in with the Google Account. You can then make calls to anyone on your contact list or have a chat conversation with others, whose names have the ‘online in Gchat’ next to them.

How it Works

If you wish to see only your Google Talk friends, you can click on the Online tab and then tap on the particular name in order to view their information. A green box means that the contact is available for calling or for chatting using Google Talk. You can also tap the number for calling their mobile phone. By tapping on text message, the Google Chat account will be messaged, but SMS texting features are not available for Talkatone. When you tap on the Gmail address of a friend, you can call them but it only works if the other person or friend has also enabled the Call from Gmail.

Useful Features

Talkatone also brings in a lot of useful functionalities and features. For instance, it uses push notifications for alerting the user about any incoming call. However, if you are signed into Gchat or into Gmail on the desktop, the application will send notifications to your mobile device as well.

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