Surface Pro 2 vs. Surface Pro 3 – Display and OS Compared

The world of technology is an ever-expanding arena.

Every day, more media devices are being connected to the business networks. As a result, it has become a dilemma for the IT departments. Where the IT managers are finding it difficult to secure their networks, a plethora of new devices also implies that the workers are anticipating both tablet and work laptop for themselves. However, the expectation has increased the expenses of the company along with the load on the IT managers.

As a result, the Microsoft line of products has been in the news recently. Their products are being designed to provide a dual function to the masses – both laptop and tablet. However, the curiosity of a tablet PC did not earn rewards for the company with the release of Surface Pro 2 device. The year 2013 saw very few buyers of the Surface Pro 2 device, even in the corporate arena.

Being aware of this situation, the company chose a radical strategy with the latest Surface 3 device. A number of changes made to the design and the operating system, brought the company back into the reckoning, in the tablet PC market. Let us compare the two tablets in terms of their design and operating systems, to determine the updates made by Microsoft.


In terms of design, the 10.2-inch display of the Surface Pro 2 tablet did not fail to impress the masses. However, it could not match the astral performance of the presently competing devices, such as the Macbook Air laptop and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet. In addition, the small screen of the Surface Pro 2 tablet, in the laptop realm, also was an awkward feature.

The Surface Pro 3 incorporates a superior 12-inch screen with 2160×1440-pixel resolution and a superior 3:2 aspect ratio. The company claims the user would be able to view more content, as compared to standard laptop and tablets.

The Surface Pro 3 also leads the race with a superior contrast, lively colors and better brightness levels, in comparison to the Surface Pro 2 tablet.

Operating System

In terms of the operating system, both the devices run on the Microsoft’s newest Windows 8.1 Pro OS. WP 8.1 is an asset for the sale of both handsets. However, there is a key difference between the software’s, which provides the Surface Pro 3 an upper edge in terms of the selling proposition – the Surface Pen.

The Surface Pro 3 stylus comes equipped with a button on top, which, when pressed, can launch One Note anytime, despite the Pro 3 in sleep mode or having a locked screen. It can be used as an eraser and has two side buttons.

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