Surface Pro 2 vs. Surface Pro 3 – Comparing Differences between the Two Amazing Tablets

Microsoft Surface Pro tablets have taken the mobile world by storm.

The new wave of tablets includes the latest release by Microsoft, the Surface Pro 3. The Windows tablet consists of a massive 12.1 inch display that has been designed and manufactured for the masses. However, the point to ponder upon is whether it is enough for the masses to change from Surface Pro 2 tablet, the predecessor to the Surface Pro 3 tablet. Let us compare the two tablets to find out.

The Stylus

The Pro 3 tablet boasts of an N-Trig stylus, as compared to the Wacom stylus, used in the Surface Pro 2. The N-Trig stylus comes with enhanced features. However, the N-Trig digitizer stylus of the Pro 3 comes equipped with a battery, whereas, the Pro 2’s stylus does not.

A larger screen

The Pro 3 tablet comes with a much larger display than its predecessor, the Pro 2. The Pro 3 comprises of a 12.1-inch display to the 10.6-inch screen of the Pro 2 tablet.

The Pro 3 has distinguished itself from its non-Window tablet counterparts. In addition, the large size of the Pro 3 screen has made it a definite contender to replace the laptop. Moreover, most people may not be comfortable in typing long form on the 10.6-inch device. However, a 12.1-inch tablet offers a superior experience catering the user with Ultrabook type device.

The change in display’s aspect ratio from 16:9 to 3:2 reduces the keyboard space. Most people find the 3:2 aspect ratios much handy in a larger tablet.

Superior Display resolution

The larger screen of the Pro 3 tablet offers superior resolution to the users. The Pro 2 screen has a resolution of 1080p providing the user with 208-ppi pixel density.

The Pro 3 comes with 2160×1440 pixels resolution, catering the user with a higher 214.5-ppi of pixel density. The Pro 3 holds on to the sharpness stakes, similar to that of the Pro 2 tablet. When the tablet is held further away from the eyes, the sharpness is enhanced in most situations.

Better Weight Efficiency

Surface series tablets from Microsoft may not be famous for their light and super slim frames for the heavy internals used in former Pro variants. However, with an effort from designers and engineers at Microsoft, the Pro 3 comes with a weight of 800 grams. It is lighter, despite being bigger than its predecessor. It does not incorporate a fan. Therefore, it is apparent that Microsoft has not packed everything into the tablet tightly and relied on the fan to ease it out.

Pro 3 comes with a thickness of 9.1mm, coming down from 13.5mm thickness of the Pro 2 tablet. The screen bezels also appear to lose some weight.

Louder Speakers of Pro 3

Most companies often neglect speakers when it comes to tablets. However, Microsoft made considerable enhancements to the speakers in Pro 3 tablet.

The Pro 3 comes with 45% more efficient speakers as compared to those of its predecessor, the Pro 2. The speakers are placed in the front.

Overall, the Pro 3 comes with improvements to offer the user with superior handling experience.

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