Subway Surfers – Surf Through the Train Yard Effortlessly

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Subway Surfers, a runner’s game, something similar to the Temple Run version is unique in its own way.

While in Temple Run, you’ll have to run around in order to find the temple, here you’ll have to run around the train yard and safeguard yourself from being arrested by the inspector and his police dog. If you have loved running and jumping in the video games while you were young, then this game is for you!

You might be new to the game and might be considering downloading it, while many of you might have already downloaded this game and started playing around. This article is for both of you. You’ll learn about the small tips and tricks of the game and how to go about running successfully.

One must also note that this game is updated for its version very regularly and certain tricks mentioned here might have run out of time by the time you read this and downloaded it.

Where’s your Miami Board?

To those who are new to the game, you must be wondering what a Miami Board in this game is. It is a kind of hoverboard that protects you from crashing for 30 seconds. It is more of a life to the runner and keeping this board in store is the first best point of rescue in this game.

A trick to get a free Miami Board is to change the date on your device. For example; let’s have the date changed to December 2014. Now start the Subway Surfers game and look at your Board Sections and you’ll see that your new and free Miami Board is awaiting you! This is a small trick for acquiring a life.

Use the Jetpack for a Super Jump!

When you are finding a rescue while running, this Jetpack feature might come in handy. All you’ll have to do is find a Jetpack and put in on. Then you’ll fly around until the Jetpack runs out of fuel and then swipe up quickly after you grab the last of the coins. Remember, you should jump while you are still in the air. It is likely that you land on a top of a train.

Convert the Jetpack into your Hoverboard

Please note that this ain’t an easy trick. When you start playing over a period of time, you’ll gain an expert hand at this. But here’s what you can do—grab the hoverboard and turn it on. When the board is ending, grab the Jetpack simultaneously. And bingo, you’ll have your Jetpack converted hoverboard now!

Hide your Hoverboard

It is possible to turn your hoverboard invisible. This is what you have to do-begin the game and die in a few seconds. Just before dying, click the Mega Headstart to turn it on. Now, you’ll be flying backwards. Once you land, you got to turn your hoverboard and it will vanish. Again, you might have to try this trick a several times before it clicks.


Divert the Jetpack Smoke’s Direction

While you want to divert the direction of the Jetpack smoke, all you need to have is a bouncer hoverboard. You will then switch on the bouncer hoverboard and when it is still on, you will pick a Jetpack and you’ll have the direction of the Jetpack smoke. A quick tip is to have an upgraded Jetpack to do this trick.

Now that you’ve seen a few tricks, let’s look into the general tips to play this runner’s game:

  • Try and run over the trains so that you could save your skin from obstacles down the train yard
  • Use the hoverboards and power-ups
  • Collect as many coins as you can and it will come handy in buying things

Follow these simple tricks and tips to improve your score and have fun running around!

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