Subway Surfers – A Game You’ll Keep Coming Back To

An Endless Runner

Subway Surfers is a free game that is one of the most popular ones in the App Stores. It can be played in short bursts at any time of the day and does not need too much of an introduction. It is an addictive game and players find it difficult to be away from it for too long. One way to describe the game is that it is yet another version of the endless runner, such as Temple Run. However, it comes with the some additional twists that make it more entertaining and fun.

It has been the most downloaded among free games in smartphones. It is addictive and received more than 250 million hits in app stores, including iTunes and Google Play. The world tour feature of the game was a very cool one that players all over the world enjoyed greatly. The world tour has already covered most of the major cities, such as Rome, New York, Tokyo, Miami, Moscow, Beijing and several others.

Game Core

The basic game play or core of the game involves the player running on subway tracks as long as he or she can, away from the screen. On the way, the player has to collect coins and some other power ups and also avoid obstacles, such as barricades, trains, tunnels and so on. The player can swipe to the left or to the right in order to switch from one to the other track, of which there are three vertical ones. However, he has to keep moving forward all the time, using some awesome controlling features in the game.

Variety to the Formula

There is, however, a lot of variety to this tried out formula. For instance, there are interesting power ups that the player can collect in order to better the score. The Coin Magnet helps players earn more coins, whereas the Jetpack enables launching oneself above the tracks to grab more coins. The Multiplier increases the score and the Sneakers offer temporary boosts. However, they might also be risky, as you might harm yourself while trying to collect them. There are some missions that the player can complete, so that he can get rewards, along with additional coins, as he runs along the tracks.

Upgrading Powerups

All these powerups can also be upgraded using the coins that the player collects on his way. There are also some items that can be used for a single time, such as the hoverboard, which can also be upgraded. Coins can also be purchased, within the game, with real money, but as you can easily earn coins within the game, it is not necessary to spend real money to progress in the game.

Great Technical Features

Subway Surfers is very entertaining but the exceptional fact about the game is that it is technically great. The characters in the game look very cute and the surroundings are bright and colorful. The animation has been done smoothly and there are no apparent glitches.


Though Subway Surfers does not offer anything innovative in its game play, it offers a good evolution of the endless runner. The game is a light hearted one set in a train yard. Players can run into trains, but there is no gore or any blood shown in the game and the collisions only result in the player being caught by the guard. In app purchases can be made with real money, but such purchase is not thrust on the player and it is optional. Moreover, it is quite easy to earn money in the game.

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