Subway Surfers – 3 Tricks and Tips to Garner More Points

In the Subway Surfers game, the player has the chance to take on the role of a youthful hooligan who sprays graffiti on the walls of the train station without being caught.

Once caught by the metro inspector, the player has to run around the railway track area to escape from the inspector and his angry dog. As the player runs, he is supposed to collect all gold coins on the way, while at the same time, avoiding collision with railway cars, among other obstacles. This game can be played on Android devices, Windows phones and iOS devices.

To garner more points from this game, players can use these simple tips:

Building up the Multiplier

This is one of the best ways to reach a high score in Subway Surfers. When the player starts the game, the multiplier is set at x1. Each time the player completes a mission in the intended time, the multiplier increases by X1 and can go up until X30. This means that the players’ high score will be X30 of what it would have been normally. The missions, to complete in order to increase the multiplier, include collecting a specific number of coins, jumping a number of times and picking specific power ups among many others. It is possible to view the active mission by tapping on the Missions button located on the top side of the main menu.

Upgrading the Power-Ups

The jet pack, X2 multiplier and the coin magnet are the most powerful power-ups a player needs to collect, in order to increase the score. The coin magnet has the ability to attract any coin a player finds on the way, even if the coins are not in their lane. The jetpack launches the player above the course where they can collect coins without worrying about being caught. The X2 multiplier can double the current multiplier up to X60. It is possible to upgrade the powerups by using the coins collected. Upgrading the powerups has the potential of increasing the amount of coins a player earns.

It is best for the player to upgrade the coin magnet and the jet pack first. This makes it easier to earn more coins, which can be used to unlock even more upgrades that can be helpful in completing missions. Once the multiplier is close to X30, the player can start upgrading to X2 power up.

Stocking Up On Hoverboards

Hoverboards can be bought using the coins collected or can be won on prize boxes. A hoverboard lasts for 30 seconds, but the player learns of the hoverboard’s power when it takes a hit for them. Whenever the player hits an obstacle while riding the hoverboard, the running does not end. Instead, the player is left to run on foot, as they increase the score. It is always ideal to stock up on motherboards in case of emergencies when it is impossible to avoid hitting obstacles.

The player can earn more scores by moving forward, and a hoverboard ensures that the player keeps moving forward and thus the score increases. Also, having more than 600 boards is ideal, as they can be used when the game character is running too fast for the player to control.

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