Sony Xperia C3 Dual Launches in India for Around $400

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The Sony Xperia C3 Dual has been one of the much awaited smartphones in the mid-range segment since this will be one of the first from Sony to focus on ‘selfie’ lovers.

Retaining the similar looks of the Xperia range, the Xperia C3 Dual will also be offering some key features like the ability to support two SIM cards at once. This phone will be aimed at the several dual SIM offerings from Samsung.


It is not surprising anymore to see screen sizes of more than 5 inches in a midrange smartphone. The Xperia C3 Dual lives up to this tag by featuring a 5.5 inch display that has a 720p resolution. Like most other Xperia phones, it comes with the IPS panels that are sure to give it an advantage over rivals that use normal LCD displays. In addition, the Xperia C3 Dual also comes with Triluminos display and Sony’s BRAVIA Engine 2 technologies to further enhance the display.

The pixel density of the screen may not be comparable to that of a high end smartphone, but at 264 pixels per inch, it is not bad either.


A disappointing aspect of the device may be the 8 GB of internal storage. There is a distinct lack of options in this regard against phones that usually offer 16 GB variants as well. However, the Sony redeems itself by offering external memory card support on the Xperia C3 Dual, although it is possible to use only 32 GB memory cards. The maximum possible 40 GB of storage on the Xperia C3 Dual may leave some users wanting to take more advantage of the large display.


The sacrifices made in terms of memory appear to benefit the users in terms of performance, as the Xperia C3 Dual comes with a quad core 1.2 GHz processor. It does not come from the Snapdragon 800 range, but the slightly less powerful and less feature rich 400 range from the American semiconductor giant, Qualcomm.


A standout aspect of the Xperia C3 Dual will be its five megapixel front facing camera, which is capable of 720p video recording. It also comes with its own LED flash for taking ‘selfies’ even in lowlight conditions. The phone also has an eight megapixel camera in the rear that does a good job of taking high quality pictures and videos. It is not surprising that the Xperia C3 Dual lacks features like 4K video recording, found on some of the high-end Xperia devices, being a midrange phone. It does come with aspects like HDR, panorama, and LED flash.


The phone features a 2500 mAh battery that is expected to provide around 12 hours of talk time and will be able to last around less than a day on moderate usage. The Xperia C3 Dual’s large touch screen display is one of the main culprits behind the less than stellar battery life. The phone will be priced around $500, when it makes its way into European and North American markets.

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