Skype – The Best Chatting and Video Calling Platform Ever

Free IM and Video Call Service

Skype offers a VoIP service and is owned by Microsoft. It is a replacement for what was formerly known as MSN Messenger and enables people to make audio and video calls to contacts all over the world. It is a free service, not only for sending Instant messages, but also for using it as an excellent quality video conference service. Skype works on the desktop as well as other platforms and offers a cross platform communication service. The app also has various plug-ins and can be easily downloaded and customized.

Cross Platform Service

Using Skype, you can call users on any device. You can have a one to one video chat session or make conference calls with friends who are using their desktop or mobile phone apps, over Wi-Fi or over 3G. Users can make calls to their contacts having any type of mobile device, such as Android, iOS or Blackberry and so on. Skype also allows users to make calls to landlines, but this is not a free option.

Social Integration

Social networking has become an integral part of most of our lives, so Skype brings in integration with Facebook. With this feature, users can chat with FB friends and have videoconferences with other users. You can also use your Facebook account for having these chat sessions with your contacts.

Instant Messaging

This is a very important feature of Skype. Apart from making video calls, users can also send messages and emoticons while communicating with contacts. Users are allowed to create a chat group of a maximum of 300 contacts, so you can have a massive group of friends in a conference call. You can also import mail contacts from the MS email address in order to receive instant communication.

Simple Interface

Skype has a simple interface with the main interface only showing the major or important services of communication. However, there are various other menus and you can check these in order to find some interesting features, such as Screen Sharing. This feature lets you share your screen at a particular moment. This feature is great for offering remote support to contacts, for videoconferences, presentations and so on.

Additional Features

Apart from making calls and sending instant messages, users can also share files with their contacts. There are also some additional plug-ins, which can be downloaded for increasing the functionality of Skype. For instance, you can use features like call recording. Skype also offers a feature known as Skypein, through which a phone number is offered to the user from which your computer can be contacted from anywhere in the world. It also offers the feature of a voicemail service. You can leave a voice message in the mailbox if the other user is not available at the time. However, this is a paid service and it comes in a package with Skypein.


Skype is considered the most powerful communication software and has succeeded in redefining the concept of distant communication. The software is powerful and enables high quality video calls and audio calls. The most attractive aspect of this application is that most of the functions can be accessed free, except making Internet calls to landlines and higher-level conference calls. It is reliable and easy to use and offers the best video calling experience. The audio quality is also excellent and it comes with a non-confusing interface. Lastly, it is very easy to use and is quick to download and install on your device. There are also guides and manuals that are easy to access for those who are new to Skype. If you want to make cheap calls and free calls from your computer or mobile device to another desktop, landline or mobile device, Skype is the perfect way to go.

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