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Skype is an application that allows people to do things together, even when they are apart.

With Skype, you can send a text message or voice message or even make a video call. This makes it very easy to share certain experiences, with the people who matter the most to you, even if you are miles apart.

Skype allows you to celebrate a birthday, share a story, hold meetings, work with workmates, learn a certain language, share holiday getaway experiences and just about anything you may think of, that you need to do, with someone every other day. People use Skype on different devices, depending on what works best for a certain individual. There are those who use Skype on their phones, some use Skype on their computers and others, even on a TV, that has Skype on it.

Using Skype to send text messages and instant messages or to speak to someone is free. With the latest Skype version, you can even hold a group video call. However, if you pay a certain amount, which is very little, you can do more things, with more people and in more ways. For example, you can call phones or send text messages.

Skype Features

Skype actually has more features than most people think.


You can make calls to anyone you wish to call, for free, if they are on Skype. Other than calling just one person, you can make group calls. With group calls, you can add as many as 25 people. With the calling feature on Skype, you can make calls to landline numbers, as well as mobile phone numbers at very low rates. Despite where you are, if a friend calls you on your Skype number, you will be able to pick up and converse. Whenever you are not on Skype or cannot pick up, all your Skype calls are forwarded to any phone number of your choice. With just one click, you can switch between browsing and making Skype calls, with just a simple click. There is no need to worry about being charged hefty fees when you make international calls. The call rates are very low.

Enough about voice calls. Skype is the most popular application that allows you to make video calls. This allows you to get closer with friends and family, as you can have a face to face catch up session. This call feature also allows group video calls, where you can get your friends together in one video call.


Skype allows you to send a message you can be able to see, feel and hear, other than the normal text messages where you talk with your fingers. You can plan a trip, gossip a bit and work on projects, among other things. If you are too busy at the moment you are receiving a Skype call, the Skype messaging feature takes a message for you, so that you can listen to it when you are available.

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